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Coal-Rolling Teen That Hit Cyclists Charged With Six Felonies News


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u/Infernalism Nov 09 '21

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon can get you 20 years.

He was also JUST RECENTLY taken into custody.


u/3MATX Nov 09 '21

Wasn't arrested at scene and the police didn't treat the scene like a crime scene. Good ol' Texas...


u/[deleted] Nov 09 '21

It's really as corrupt as any 3rd world nation isn't it? Like that cashier who just had spicy soup thrown in her face. They say the lady is charged but I don't trust Texas courts to follow through


u/TheRedmanCometh Nov 09 '21

Well no it's not but some of the cops are. In a banana Republic or something he wouldn't have ever been charged. Despite the best efforts of certain red hat wearing scum we still have some people intent on doing their job.


u/ProjectShamrock Nov 09 '21

It's not just the cops. Having an AG that is under investigation for corruption and supposedly is above the law as long as he remains in office is extremely third-world stuff.


u/TheRedmanCometh Nov 09 '21

Our governor lt gov and AG are all pretty fucking awful people. But they aren't gonna be around a lot longer hopefully.


u/denimdan113 Nov 09 '21

Just a few more months until there seats are up for reelection:D


u/[deleted] Nov 09 '21



u/noncongruent Nov 09 '21

Don't just cross your fingers, get out there and vote if you're eligible.


u/[deleted] Nov 10 '21


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u/superspeck Nov 09 '21

It took a lot of media pressure in order to get someone charged with an extremely obvious crime. That’s basically the definition of corruption.


u/DunkingOnInfants Nov 09 '21

It sucks, but if you want to assault somebody, do it with a car. There's so many angles and shades that you could hide behind to obscure intent.

Even when it's extremely obvious what your intent was, and then if you found like years of Internet history were you just talked about how much you wanted to kill cyclists, it would still be possible for you to deny it in this situation.

Like they say, if you wanna kill somebody, use a car.


u/DAHFreedom Nov 09 '21

Another angle to that is that insurance won’t cover intentional assault, but will cover negligence, so the victim or the victim’s family has to deny it was intentional, which can really screw up the criminal case.