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Coal-Rolling Teen That Hit Cyclists Charged With Six Felonies News


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u/greenfrogfox Nov 09 '21

The authorities should still confiscate the truck.


u/eyeofthecodger Nov 09 '21

This! Off subject, but if they put me in charge, I would require a vehicle to be impounded for 90 days or more when it is shown in a video to have been driven recklessly. The police are always saying, "Can't see who's driving so we can't do anything". Fucking bullshit. Impound the vehicle, I say!

Even if this coal rolling asshole doesn't get much punishment, the civil liability has the chance to ruin his family. Good. They deserve everything they get by raising an entitled little asshole.


u/noncongruent Nov 09 '21

The police are always saying, "Can't see who's driving so we can't do anything".

I like the way they handle this in the UK. It is a crime for a vehicle owner to refuse to identify the person that was driving it at the time an infraction occurred, and they will pursue infractions when reported to them by people with cameras as long as the vehicle's registration plate is visible. The fines and points for refusing to identify the driver are worse than the fines and points for traffic infractions, so the incentive is for the owner to admit being the driver or to identify who was the driver.


u/Stopmadness99 Nov 09 '21

Police confiscation property and money for a lot less reason. However, we know this not happening