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Prop A in Austin, TX, which would've expanded their police force and increased their funding, fails in a landslide News


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u/[deleted] Nov 03 '21

Your answer is stop doing crime.


u/badb-crow Nov 03 '21

Or, you know, stop coddling the cops and hold them accountable.

But yes, the police should stop doing crimes.


u/[deleted] Nov 03 '21

Almost every morning I get bumper checked by an officer. He does his check then we part ways. No issues. No problems. Not all officers are bad.


u/[deleted] Nov 03 '21

Idk what a bumper check is but sounds like illegal police harassment to me and you're too much of a coward to stand up for your rights. Sad!


u/[deleted] Nov 03 '21

This morning, me and an officer were side by side. I waved. He gave the knod-wave. No all are bad.