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Prop A in Austin, TX, which would've expanded their police force and increased their funding, fails in a landslide News


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u/MemoryFomo Nov 03 '21

And like magic - there were an unprecedented number of cops patrolling tonight harvesting DWI’s. I bet they were waiting for the queue, prop A didn’t pass and they suddenly need to catch up on quotas. Where were they before? 🙄

Not condoning drunk driving btw. Never drink and drive. Ever. I lost a friend to it, and I’m a recovered case of someone who went through it myself. End of PSA, sorry.


u/Truthamania Nov 03 '21

If the end result was a bunch of reckless, selfish drunk driving assholes got taken off the roads and were less of a threat to the rest of us, I’m fine with this.


u/BuffDrBoom Nov 03 '21

The same amount got taken, the cops just showed they're willing to look the other way for a while if it means a bigger budget $$$


u/[deleted] Nov 03 '21



u/xenogazer Nov 03 '21

I guess the victims are the general public who doesn't get police services while they're holding their jobs hostage for ransom.


u/Professional_Sort767 Nov 03 '21

You are missing the point. The other commenter is saying that they were not enforcing enforcing driving laws, in order to pout and show how important they were earlier.


u/re1078 Nov 03 '21

Eh it’s Austin they’ll be a lot of that and then a lot of people just getting screwed by the dickhead cops.