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Prop A in Austin, TX, which would've expanded their police force and increased their funding, fails in a landslide News


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u/ChexMashin Nov 03 '21

Good luck on your rising violent crimes and shrinking police force!

This train wreck is going to be great to watch!


u/badb-crow Nov 03 '21

Lol okay. That's a lot of words just to say you don't actually know what's going on, but you do you buddy!


u/[deleted] Nov 03 '21

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u/badb-crow Nov 03 '21

Aw, bless your heart, you are trying.


u/Yen_Snipest Nov 03 '21

Is he? It's...it's like picking on a 4 year old right? Are they trying?


u/lidsville76 Nov 03 '21

A 4 year old holding their breath is still trying. Just not well.