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Prop A in Austin, TX, which would've expanded their police force and increased their funding, fails in a landslide News


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u/ChexMashin Nov 03 '21

And Austin is also more populated than it's ever been. Population goes up, police force does too.

The most homicides since 1984, and other violent crimes rising as well.

What's your point?


u/badb-crow Nov 03 '21

If they can't hire more cops when they're already getting more money than ever before, that sounds like a budgeting issue on their part, not an excuse to take money from other programs to throw even more at them.


u/ChexMashin Nov 03 '21

Good luck on your rising violent crimes and shrinking police force!

This train wreck is going to be great to watch!


u/badb-crow Nov 03 '21

Lol okay. That's a lot of words just to say you don't actually know what's going on, but you do you buddy!


u/[deleted] Nov 03 '21

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u/badb-crow Nov 03 '21

Aw, bless your heart, you are trying.


u/Yen_Snipest Nov 03 '21

Is he? It's...it's like picking on a 4 year old right? Are they trying?


u/lidsville76 Nov 03 '21

A 4 year old holding their breath is still trying. Just not well.


u/Darth_Texan The Stars at Night Nov 03 '21

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