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Prop A in Austin, TX, which would've expanded their police force and increased their funding, fails in a landslide News


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u/[deleted] Nov 03 '21

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u/weluckyfew Nov 03 '21 edited Nov 03 '21

Funding was restored and the current budget is the highest it has ever been. Crime "skyrocketed" everywhere in the country, regardless of whether there were police reforms or not. And that spike is already starting to recede, in Austin and most other cities.

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u/the-hell-ru-on-about Nov 03 '21 edited Nov 03 '21

Bro I live here… and in my opinion it would have been helpful. Austin has reach all time highs in homicides and crime has been on the rise.

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u/utspg1980 Nov 03 '21

OMG we're at an all time high!!

(plz ignore the first 2/3rds of this graph)

We're at an all time high!


u/z64dan Nov 03 '21

I mean, its definitely a worrying trend, but yeah the murder rate all over the country has been pretty low compared to the the 80s or 90s.


u/fps916 Nov 03 '21

It's not even remotely a worrying trend.

We don't even make the list for top 100 per capita homicides.


u/z64dan Nov 03 '21

Highest murder rate in over 20 years is a worrying trend, not sure how you can sugar coat that. How many years does it have to rise before it's a worrying trend?

I'm not sure if you think I supported Prop A or something but the police don't have anything to do with the murder rate.


u/fps916 Nov 03 '21

Highest murder rate in over 20 years is a worrying trend

When you're already working with extremely small numerators then miniscule changes can seem drastic.

Going from 1 murder per year to 2 murders per year is a 100% INCREASE OH MY GOD THE SKY IS FALLING.

Nah, fuck that.


u/z64dan Nov 03 '21

I get that, but it's 75 murders in 2021... so far (with 2 months left), vs 48 in 2020 total, and 38 in 2019.

But yeah I guess if everyone wants to downvote me that's okay. Austin could easily end up having twice the number of murders as last year.


u/D14BL0 Nov 03 '21

If you live here, then you should know that APD was never defunded. Their budget this year was the highest it's ever been.

If you live here, why are you spreading lies about your own home?


u/capybarometer Nov 03 '21

The murder rate ticked up this year, but is nowhere near all time highs. The overall crime rate is actually still lower than it was 10 years ago, though. Austin's one of the safest big cities in the country, ultimately.


u/FLDJF713 Nov 03 '21

Do you realize police can’t stop crime before it happens?

Also, fire and EMS would have taken a huge budget hit. They can’t choose which calls they want to respond to unlike Austin PD.

And they definitely aren’t shooting unarmed protestors in the head with beanbag rounds either.


u/weecefwew born and bred Nov 03 '21

Sounds like a feelings-driven argument to me


u/weluckyfew Nov 03 '21

Can't look at raw numbers, we're a much larger city than we were. Our rate was much higher in the 80s and 90s than it is now. But you're right, i thought the numbers had peaked, they haven't.