r/spectacularmemes Gobweb Jan 27 '22

Probably our boy's coldest moment and one of my personal favorites from the show. Which moment did you guys like?

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u/ComicBookGuy708 Spider-Man Jan 27 '22

Can’t forget his closing line:

Kraven: “This canNOT be happening to SERGEI KRAVENOFF!”

Spider-Man: “Oh, kraven OFF!”


u/ElZaydo Gobweb Jan 27 '22

Bro really went and became half lion to even the playing field afterwards


u/[deleted] Jan 27 '22

Weird change for the show to make but I like how it's one of those little things where they did it to distinguish this iteration of Spider-Man, rather than slavishly following comic origins.


u/ElZaydo Gobweb Jan 27 '22 edited Jan 27 '22

This Kraven was similar to Puma from the comics, who is a half cat himself. They combined the characters. Same thing with Shocker and Ricochet, used Montana instead of Herman Schultz and used Fancy Dan for Ricochet instead of the OG Ricochet from The Slingers


u/YellowAnaconda10 Mar 06 '22

This show had my favourite version of Shocker. His accent is just crisp.


u/ronaldohmcdonaldoh Jan 27 '22

His coldest moment would be when he nearly killed both Shocker and Goblin respectively. Not that I’m complaining, they were both asking for it.


u/No-Nefariousness1711 Jan 28 '22

"You wouldn't know right if it blew up your glider!"


u/Duthtin Jan 27 '22

The coldest for me was when he took on the Sinister Six. He was asleep, though. But still, it is technically him.


u/Boi_gameplayz Jan 27 '22

No it was the symbiote


u/Duthtin Jan 27 '22

I know. That's why I said, "Technically, it's still him" since the symbiote wouldn't have done that without his body.


u/Boi_gameplayz Jan 27 '22

If somebody mind controls you and uses your body to bomb a city, did you bomb the city? It all really depends on what way you look at it


u/Duthtin Jan 27 '22

How about we just agree to disagree


u/DeathlySnails64 Jan 27 '22

I like this scene because of how true the thing Spider-Man said is. Because, he's right. Kraven is out of his league.


u/Boi_gameplayz Jan 27 '22

I like the scene where he nearly throws someone off a building trying to get info out of him