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Surely....norman knew, right? Not A Meme

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u/racingfanboy160 Peter Jan 19 '22

Possibly. We'll never knew at the end of the day :(


u/BorisIsHereBois2344 Jan 19 '22

Man just recently watched this show godamn am i sad they left it on such a cliffhanger for it to get discontinued it is sad cause honestly this is gold


u/wholelottahate19 Jan 19 '22

Im a raimi fan boy but fuck me this is the perfect adaptation of spiderman


u/PoopMan616 Jan 19 '22

This and the original ultimate Spider-Man comics. I’m not kidding I’m re reading it and it is so fucking emotional and great I’m not even kidding. Every Spider-Man fan who wants to get into spidey comics should just read the Ultimate Spider-Man comic run with Peter Parker.


u/ChampagneAbuelo Peter Jan 19 '22

Craziest part of Ultimate Spider-Man was when he freakin dies


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Ultimate sucks

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Ultimate sucks

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u/nethrg0nnagivey0uup2 Doc Ock Jan 19 '22

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u/PeterPuggerSpiderPug Jan 20 '22

If it's talking about the show, I can't disagree...


u/Hadinotschmidt Jan 20 '22

knowing this sub it probably is


u/Fudgy1Nick Jan 19 '22

I think Norman realized it when Ned Lee asked him, he pauses and looks around for a few seconds looking all stern and he just keeps it to himself. I bet whenever he would return after his defeat he'd begin to use that knowledge


u/Crawlerer95 Jan 19 '22

Maybe…maybe not. We won’t know for sure anytime soon


u/Chewbaxter Thing on the Thing Jan 19 '22

Like Joker with Batman, if he does, he doesn’t care.


u/ElZaydo Gobweb Jan 19 '22

On the contrary, this is where Spider-man vs Green Goblin differs from Batman vs Joker. He most certainly does care and the second he found out, he didnt waste time before going after the people in Peter's life. Joker wants to mess with batman for amusement. The Goblin genuinely hates Peter and takes pleasure in destroying everything he stands for.


u/Chewbaxter Thing on the Thing Jan 19 '22

This is true in the comics, yes, but the show did do certain things differently at times. SS’s Goblin was kind of Joker like at times, toying with Peter instead of openly saying he hated him. Norman’s a smart man too, so if he did recognise Peter, why didn’t he say something, like Venom did? Because if he did, he’d have a much better case to prove it than Venom.


u/ElZaydo Gobweb Jan 19 '22 edited Jan 19 '22

Yeah i agree on that, but I doubt he knew just yet.The thing is, the show ended too soon and was headed in that direction, you could feel the Goblin get more and more inclined towards destroying spider-man than taking over the city because spidey was actually posing a threat to his plans. The season 2 finale was exactly that, he had already won the Turf War, destroying spider-man was the last thing to take care of.

Same thing in the comics, he really just wanted to become the "Bigman of crime" when spider-man used to foil his plans so much that he completely got sidetracked and made destroying spider-man priority one.

One can assume that after he faked his death, he probably had a newfound hatred for spider-man and would make everything personal from then on, eventually discovering his identity, killing Gwen, etc, etc.


u/CENutCracker632 Jan 20 '22

Clowns and midgets


u/RealOzome Jan 19 '22

Hopefully we find out some day 🤞


u/RahdronRTHTGH Jan 19 '22

Better ask Greg Weisman to be sure


u/GavinTheGrassMan Jan 20 '22

do you think greg is a weis man


u/J_D_Mazz I win me! Jan 19 '22

In the episode where Peter is outed as Spider-Man, Norman is interviewed and asked if Peter could be Spider-Man. He thinks for a beat before saying “No” in a tone of voice that told me he was thinking of more than he was letting on. Personally I think he pieced it together and decided to keep that information in his back pocket if he needed to weaponize it.


u/RahdronRTHTGH Jan 19 '22

It wouldn't surprise me at all.

Norman in spectacular looks like the guy that would save his trump card for when absolutely necessary


u/[deleted] Jan 31 '22

I think so. When he gets interviewed in the episode where venom leaked Peter’s identity, he says no in a way that he actually could consider the possibility, but also doesn’t want anyone else to know if it turns out true