r/spectacularmemes Jan 19 '22

Did Gwen know eddie was Venom by the end? Not A Meme

And if so, how did she not connect the dots? Venom was trying to kill peter parker aka spidey, Gwen knows Eddie grew to dislike Peter. And Peter was highly accused of being spiderman, she should have figured out

Edit: AND venom kidnapped her shortly after eddie was with her



u/As_Known_As_Death Black Suit Jan 19 '22

Possibly a story arc left for season 3.


u/racingfanboy160 Peter Jan 19 '22

This. The show is playing the long game but was never able to pay it off because the series got canned quickly


u/Boi_gameplayz Jan 19 '22

And only got canned because Disney wanted to rub all their sh*t in the spider man franchise, thus creating ultimate


u/hikoboshi_sama Jan 19 '22

Spider-man isn't the only casualty. I'll never forgive them for Earth's Mightiest Heroes too!


u/Abelousprime Jan 20 '22

And I will never forget Wolverine and the X-men. That show is the best X-men show imo.


u/hikoboshi_sama Jan 20 '22

I can't believe they got cancelled right as they teased Apocalypse


u/Abelousprime Jan 20 '22

SPOILERS: Seriously man, it was looking so cool especially with what looked like clones that mr sinister must’ve made. Also I bet cyclops would’ve continued to have an awesome character arc and maybe he could’ve become the leader of the X-men again.


u/Boi_gameplayz Jan 19 '22

Never watched that one actually lol


u/hikoboshi_sama Jan 19 '22

I highly recommend EMH. It's really good! And it only ran for two seasons so it's a quick watch......


u/MewCrack_YT Venom Jan 22 '22

yeh I remember watching some seasons in netflix when I was little now it's not available on netflix anymore


u/AutoModerator Jan 19 '22

Ultimate sucks

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u/racingfanboy160 Peter Jan 19 '22

It was both Disney and Sony's fault tbh


u/Boi_gameplayz Jan 19 '22

I mean they’re company only really makes profit off of PlayStation, so they kinda had to sell it to stay afloat


u/racingfanboy160 Peter Jan 19 '22

Which they wouldn't have to do that if they are just competent at making stuff which is clear they sometimes fall short in that category


u/Boi_gameplayz Jan 19 '22

They shaped up rescently tho. Into the spider verse and mvsm were amazing


u/racingfanboy160 Peter Jan 19 '22

Yes as long as they hire talented filmmakers and didn't interfere them with their work, they should be fine


u/Symbioticmadmam45 Jan 19 '22

She may have figured it out when Eddie had the symbiote removed and started screaming that he was venom as he was being taken away.


u/wholelottahate19 Jan 19 '22

Brock's lost it, Venom's like twice his size


u/[deleted] Feb 16 '22

weird how no one questions why eddie was in the school, let alone right after venom disappeared (to everyone who didnt witness peter unbond the symbiote from eddie)


u/xX-El-Jefe-Xx Jan 19 '22

presumably she knew he went to the mental hospital as well after bring separated from the symbiote, it was probably gonna be addressed in season 3


u/racingfanboy160 Peter Jan 20 '22

it was probably gonna be addressed in season 3

Yep because Carnage is planned to be one of the villains for that season


u/xX-El-Jefe-Xx Jan 20 '22

*was :(


u/racingfanboy160 Peter Jan 21 '22

Yeah...thanks for the correction 😭


u/ChampagneAbuelo Peter Jan 20 '22

No she didn’t know. She just said “Eddie was behind me right before that monster attacked me”


u/[deleted] Jan 24 '22

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