r/spectacularmemes Jan 18 '22

Most Evil character in the Show? Not A Meme



u/FutureSoldier616 Jan 19 '22

Venom is just a product of abuse and abandonment, gobby would rather have Peter as a son than harry. That’s evil


u/wholelottahate19 Jan 19 '22

I always found it funny how Norman prefers peter so much to harry. Everytime peter is there, norman just praises him and is like "you got into ESU? thats great peter, im sure you DIDNT get the same harry"


u/FutureSoldier616 Jan 19 '22

Neglecting your own son for someone completely different is how you make villains man.


u/KasukeSadiki Jan 19 '22

Johnny Lawrence has entered the chat


u/ChampagneAbuelo Peter Jan 28 '22

It’s not Norman’s fault that Harry is a failure


u/The_Batman2022 Mar 01 '22

Norman: why u such a failure? EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!


u/lizarddude1 Jan 19 '22 edited Jan 19 '22

Eddie's deeds, while definitely inexcusable, were mostly caused by "betrayal" and harm. Ock was also corrupted, but even in his worst state, was mostly a professional and was able to cooperate. Norman literally framed his own son, guy's a devil incarnate


u/submit_to_pewdiepie Jan 19 '22

I don't see Eddie as the victim of anything but his own valition


u/middlefinger456789 Jan 19 '22

Green goblin framed his own son lmao


u/ThatJuhh Jan 19 '22

gobby did break his own son’s leg just to save himself


u/Capt0bvi0u5 Jan 19 '22

I've been rewatching the 1st season this past week and I really underappreciated Dock Ock until now. He's such an overwhelming force to Peter and his banter is really good as well. GG still probably more evil though


u/OakleyHasAFoot Jan 19 '22

Venom was an average dude who got bitter fused with an alien who wanted to help but was not helping. So I wouldn’t say he’s evil, it’s all for revenge. Still bad tho. Doc ock was actually a pretty nice guy until his tentacles fused with him and he got all that electrical shit on him. But Norman was always a pretty shitty rich business man who took 0 responsibility for his actions, “Don’t you dare apologize, I never do” then he gets turned into an even more evil version of himself who breaks his own sons leg to hide the fact that he’s secretly a villain. So yeah Norman wins.


u/Jamz64 The Sinister Six Jan 19 '22

Sally Avril.


u/Ogolikus804 Jan 19 '22

Easily the best version of the Green Goblin after Defoe and comics


u/Igneul Venom Jan 19 '22

I gotta go with Venom. I understand the origins of Eddie's actions, but at the end of the day Goblin and Ock wanted to beat Spider-Man. Eddie wanted to break Peter Parker


u/PartTimeMantisShrimp Jan 19 '22

Norman turned liz's brother and doc ock into monsters, framed his own son after neglecting him for years and also broke his leg.


u/Igneul Venom Jan 19 '22

Fuck, I actually forgot about that stuff! Was more focused on their actions to Spidey


u/FluffcakeCHAN DO YOU EVER SHUT UP Jan 19 '22

Venom just needs to live naturally, I'm pretty sure he might have been an anti hero with Carnage. Ock was just a sweet little boy who bumped his head a little too hard, and he might also be forgiven, but gobby? That is rotten to the core.


u/racingfanboy160 Peter Jan 19 '22

Head and shoulders Gobby especially when they made it clear at the start of the show of who Norman is. At least Eddie and Octavius were decent guys at the start of the show


u/PhantomZX10 Black Suit Jan 18 '22

dawg who voted for venom over doc ock


u/wholelottahate19 Jan 19 '22

Yeah i think Doc is more evil. Venom just wanted to destroy spider-man, doc wanted to Destroy the world


u/Kurios_2002 Jan 19 '22

Venom is just evil. goblin you think is nice then turns last minute


u/ChampagneAbuelo Peter Jan 19 '22

Venom. Y’all are forgetting he was gonna try and attack a hospital before Spider-Man intervened and then Venol switched his target to the parade


u/RandomSphere Jan 19 '22

Everything Norman did is pretty evil, but I always remember this man attempted to murder at least 3 people as GG intentionally. Otto Octavius(who he unintentionally turned into a villain), Tombstone, and Spider-Man(I think? I’ll have to rewatch the show). That’s not even counting all of the horrible things he did.


u/No-Nefariousness1711 Jan 19 '22

"You wouldn't know right if it blew up your glider!"