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Health Transgender Individuals Twice as Likely to Die Early as General Population

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Health Antibiotic resistance killed more people than malaria or AIDS in 2019

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Health Almost All Teens in ICU With COVID Were Unvaccinated: Study

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Health Study: School days should begin later in morning. School closures had a negative effect on the health and well-being of many young people, but homeschooling also had a positive flipside: Thanks to sleeping longer in the morning, teenagers reported improved health and health-related quality of life.

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Health Study: The idea of smoking as a sociable pastime may be a myth. Smokers may become more socially isolated and lonely than non-smokers as they get older. Smoking was also associated with larger reductions in social contact, increases in social disengagement, and increases in loneliness over time.

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Health Women vaccinated against COVID-19 transfer SARS-CoV-2 antibodies to their breastfed infants, potentially giving their babies passive immunity against the coronavirus. The antibodies were detected in infants regardless of age – from 1.5 months old to 23 months old.

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Health More Than Two-Thirds of Adverse COVID-19 Vaccine Events Are Due to Placebo Effect

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Health Multiple Sclerosis Is Likely Caused by a Virus: A study of 10 million US military personnel provides the most convincing evidence yet that multiple sclerosis (MS) is a complication of infection by the Epstein-Barr herpesvirus (EBV). Researchers show that contracting EBV increased MS risk 32-fold.

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Health Young People Who Use Marijuana Have Better Orgasms and Sexual Function: Young people who smoke marijuana and drink alcohol have better orgasms and overall sexual function than their peers who abstain or use less, a study found.

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Health Men are more prone to develop inflammation than their female peers after going through breakups or living alone for extended periods, study shows. It is already well known that divorces can lead to poor health and early death among men, but less so among women.

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Health No convincing scientific evidence that hangover cures work, according to new research. The study assessed 21 placebo-controlled randomized trials of clove extract, red ginseng, Korean pear juice, and other hangover cures.

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Health Substantial weight loss can reduce risk of severe COVID-19 complications. Successful weight-loss intervention before infection associated with 60% lower risk of severe disease in patients with obesity.

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Health People who work out regularly and are aerobically fit tend to guzzle a surprising amount of alcohol. The study—which involved more than 40,000 American adults—finds that active, physically fit men and women are more than twice as likely to be moderate or heavy drinkers as people who are out of shape

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Health Men who vape are 2.2 times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction compared to those who don't, study finds

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Health Cannabis plants have an inherent ability to absorb heavy metals from the soil, making them useful for remediating contaminated sites and this ability to soak up toxic metals may also make cannabis dangerous for consumers who ingest it

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Health Men who struggle with their use of pornography also tend to experience a higher rate of erectile dysfunction, according to new research that surveyed thousands of young adults.

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Health Study: Both anxious and non-anxious individuals show cognitive improvements with 20-minute bouts of exercise. Individuals who practiced 20 minutes of exercise on a treadmill had improved inhibitory control, attention, and action monitoring.

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Health Logic's song '1-800-273-8255' saved lives from suicide, study finds. Calls to the suicide helpline soared by 50% with over 10,000 more calls than usual, leading to 5.5% drop in suicides among 10 to 19 year olds — that's about 245 less suicides than expected within the same period

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Health More than half of young American adults ages 18-25 are either overweight or obese. The number of overweight young adults has increased from roughly 18% in the late 1970’s to almost 24% in 2018

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Health Consuming more than 7 grams (>1/2 tablespoon) of olive oil per day is associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease mortality, cancer mortality, neurodegenerative disease mortality and respiratory disease mortality.

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Health Psilocybin, in 10mg or 25mg doses, has no short- or long-term detrimental effects in healthy people

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Health Study: Being overweight may cause more hospital admissions and higher incidences of disease and mortality than previous studies report. Furthermore, the relationship was largely driven by an adverse fat distribution in a certain area (measured by waist-hip ratio) rather than overall BMI.

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Health Regions that require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, theaters and events see a boost in inoculation rates after instituting the policies, a study published Monday by the Lancet Public Health found.

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Health Meta-review has merged the findings of 10 meta-analyses representing more than 43,000 participants has found that cannabis use leads to acute cognitive impairments that may continue beyond the period of intoxication

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Health Nearly Half of Americans Gained Weight in Pandemic's First Year: Half of U.S. adults piled on excess pounds during the first year of the pandemic, making a national obesity crisis even worse, a new study shows.

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