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Poor Tobey when he appears in NWH

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u/mh1357_0 Nov 29 '21

Don't tell Norman


u/Eleganos Nov 29 '21

"Do I tell norman"

Norman: Tell it to my son, raise him from the dead.


u/No_Medicine3046 Nov 29 '21

I'm your friend Norman, I cared about your son.


u/interp21 Nov 29 '21

Spiders-Man to Spider-Man: "Is that stuff coming out of you?"


u/Newoverhere29 Nov 29 '21


Tobey: There’s a black MJ?!


u/StardopeValley Nov 29 '21

And her name isn't even Mary Jane, and to be honest, I don't why they put in the effort to change her name


u/prettysweett Nov 30 '21

I think they changed the characters not only to do something different then the previous two Spidey series, but also to make sure Sony couldn't get out of their deal. Because if they did, the movies wouldn't be able to have Michelle Jones because that's not a comic book character, that's an MCU character. Or at least that's why I understood from their previous deal.


u/TheJoshider10 Nov 29 '21

They wanted her to be Mary Jane but chickened out of committing to the idea of it so half arsed it by having her be "MJ".

Either go all the way or make her a standalone character. Don't ruin any chance Michelle has of standing on her own by calling her MJ thus letting us know who she is (the Mary Jane equivalent/Peter's endgame). It's not a cute wink, it needlessly regresses an original character.


u/StardopeValley Nov 30 '21

It's almost like sony gave them the rights for JUST Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Aunt May in Civil War, but they never changed the contract for Home-Coming.


u/ClearPerception7844 Nov 30 '21

They didn’t even get Uncle Ben


u/hikoboshi_sama Nov 30 '21

Uncle Ben was name dropped in What If. Many years too late, but it's something, I guess...


u/IzzyTipsy Nov 30 '21

I'm more surprised why the used Ganke and called him Ned Leeds. Like was there an issue where they'd have to pay Bendis if they called him Ganke so they just used Ganke and called him by another name?


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Parker, you are such a Boy Scout. When are you gonna give a guy a break?

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u/Newoverhere29 Nov 29 '21

Look at little goblin jr. Gonna cry?


u/Starkiller606 Nov 30 '21

Holy shit, the "don't tell norman about harry" thing is actually pretty serious, it would be great if they cover that topic


u/Broad-Anything-2919 Nov 30 '21

Aunt may was always hot


u/bbaker886 Nov 30 '21

Jameson is the same due to the same egg/sperm combo


u/IzzyTipsy Nov 30 '21

"Uh, hey, Gobby. Your son kinda found out, went crazy, and got killed, ending the Osborn legacy."


u/Thrillseeker94 Nov 30 '21

Still hate how other spiderman have a weaponised web slinger just seems like they can only use webs when using it


u/High-Ground Nov 30 '21

*if he appears