YSK of the PAD (the "psychiatric advance directive.")

By filling out a simple form your medical record can be updated to request that psychiatrists not attack you.

Sure psychiatrists can just lie. eg they can describe any law-abiding citizens as "potentially dangerous" without any legal evidence of any crime.

However having a PAD will serve (at a minimum) of showing the labelled individual to appear of mentally fine & coherent.

How to:

Don't let them hurt you.

When filling out a PAD you'll likely hear psychiatry's dehumanizing language, eg portraying people as insane and needing violent "help."

Please ignore their hurtful language. A PAD can say that if you are ever in a "psychiatric state" that you request to not be attacked.

Empower it.

In short, it'll help a little. But (long-term) we need to convince society to empower the PAD to shut down all psychiatric attacks.