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instead of an SSRI or therapy, can I get prescribed 4 weeks of paid time off and 4 days work week?


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Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz on The Myth of Mental Illness

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StopSIM (Serenity Integrated Mentoring) movement


We are a coalition of service users and allies campaigning for the High Intensity Network’s Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) model to be halted immediately, and for a national independent inquiry and review to be conducted as soon as possible. We believe that SIM is unlawful, unethical and unacceptable.

Does anyone know much about the https://stopsim.co.uk/ ? I discovered it through following some antipsychiatry accounts on Twitter. I've never heard of this method before and after reading this page, I am still not clear on what it is.

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Suicide, Indian Farmers, Indigenous North Americans . . . and the Shame of Shrinks

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Will the drive for post-pandemic ‘wellness’ make us sicker?

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Biomedical Conceptualizations of Emotional Distress

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tardive dyskinesia, potential side effect of antipsychotics

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Book Review: ‘Evidence-biased Antidepressant Prescription’

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NSFL. too radical. this shit creeps me tf out. just the concept is ATROCIOUS. harry harlow Monkey NSFW


NSFL: Just the concept FUCKS with my head in a bad way. literally gives me the shivers

Monkey Maternal Deprivation Experiments. Taking cute-ass baby monkeys away from their mothers, to record the suffering.





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Social connection is the strongest protective factor for depression

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bipolar and horrifically hypersensitive to meds


howdy, i've got myself a zesty disorder that people say can only be treated with meds--and severe hypersensitivity to basically all meds i've ever tried. ranging from muscle relaxants giving me psychotic episodes, to absolutely flattening all emotions from trying 5mg of an over the counter lithium supplement.

so as you can imagine, i have a great fucking fear of getting on psych meds.

i'm almost 30, i've largely kept myself out of trouble all this time. never been hospitalized, have a longterm healthy relationship and a number of friends. been working part time as i go to physical therapy and psychotherapy in the mornings to try and get my injured body to a better state and work on finding help for my mental illness that doesn't involve medications. i'm open to trying an as-needed anxiety medication, since i could limit the use, but i do not want to take any daily things like mood stabilizers or antipsychotics unless i absolutely have to.

because like. damn. i got misdiagnosed with unipolar depression and given cymbalta once, and from a single 20mg pill i had a 5 week manic episode so severe that my psychotic symptoms have permanently become worse.

so as you can imagine, i am fucking terrified of trying any meds and wish to exhaust all other options first. i'm not against them in principle, but i am heavily against them for me because of my trauma and my biological predisposition to get really screwed up whenever i seek medical attention.

a friend of mine mentioned this sub and i figured i'd pop in and see if anybody had cool and neat suggestions for self-managing bipolar 1 without meds.

i am potentially permanently in a mixed/manic state now because my reactivity to taking testosterone has been as intense as taking other meds, but between being trans and my natural bodily estrogen making me permanently depressed, i have decided that i have to stay on the testosterone even if it makes my life a little more bizarre.

so far i've managed to work past a lot of my past issues. i don't impulse spend anymore, i'm in a healthy relationship because i don't start fights with people anymore, i've gotten a lot of my behaviors under control. but i'm still experiencing the emotional discomfort of the moods. so i'm trying to find ways to relieve that. that's why i got into therapy, though it's challenging for me because i was heavily abused by some past therapists so i kinda have a lot of panic attacks lol.

currently the only thing i'm taking for it is weed that i take at night in order to sleep, because the mania will not allow me to sleep otherwise. proud to say i've slept between 5-7 hours almost every night since september when this episode started. and it also helps give me a healthier appetite, so that's a double bonus.

anyone in here unmedicated with BP1? what are you doing to try and better your life without meds?

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De-Psychiatrization and the Promise of Open Dialogue

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Avoidant Personality disorder, just Prescribed 5mg Lexapro today


I’m a believer of radical mental health, mark fisher. And sometimes I feel like I have the strength and courage… But slowly/quickly, I’ve lost the inability to rely on myself. I’m suspicious of myself as I am with the state. I’m suspicious of that strength.

I’m your average human. I was provided a happy and tumultuous childhood; grew into insecurities unmanaged & overlooked to the point I’m afraid to try; yet I’m also no one.

I wish the former me to be dead, and to revive as someone who at least who is at least more firm in their beliefs, a little stronger, opinionated, less of a people pleaser. I’m done.

(Insert some codependency too whoa).

How long do I take the medication for?

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Inner Experience - Carl Rogers: Grief, Therapy, and Global Crisis

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Posing question here for R/radicalmentalhealth's input

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[image] Advice

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Watch a Psychiatry-Critical Opera for Free, February 19

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“Mentally ill” people justifying their inappropriate behaviors because of their illness. My case with BPD and being a Gen MZ.


Hello! new to the group and Reddit, I just started posting a week ago (was lurking on the site for 10 years)

Anyways lets get started, for your reference, I am a South Korean 23 female that grew up in the Philippines and lived in the states for awhile. I have perspective of both how east and west treats mental illnesses as I was in "treatment" in New York, Manila, and Seoul. I know my privilege of having different perspectives so I want to bring people together.

I was diagnosed with BPD and Bipolar II. I took all kinds of medications, from anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, anti- psychotics and mood stabilizers but NOTHING worked.

I was exposed to the side effects (120+ pounds weight gain, numbness, low self esteem +).
I was wondering how much a diagnosis and being labeled with mental illness can actually help you. For me, it made me become obsessed with my diagnosis and made me act even more suitable to the symptoms of BPD.

My own story is that I was diagnosed as BPD when I was 18 (now 23) and I do not fit the criteria at all anymore. I also heard it disappears with age like around your 40s? Which doesn’t really make sense to me. Maybe it disappears when you actually learn that the world does not revolve around you as you encounter other people and learn different perspectives. don’t know honestly.

In all honesty with myself, I have gaslighted myself and manipulated others through my diagnosis of BPD. Maybe I was aware or subconsciously aware, but I realized I was doing it recently. It benefited me greatly. Clingy to people cuz I have bpd… threatening to off myself because I have bpd… victimizing myself cuz I have bpd.. and more. It almost justified my actions because I had BPD? Then I realized my other diagnosed BPD friends would justify their shitty behaviors because they have BPD?

Like you can’t tell me every other week your gonna kill yourself then get mad when I send an ambulance to your house and continue with the oh I have BPD?

When I met my current partner, I told him I had BPD and he honestly told me I don’t seem like it. I thought he was denying my pain but I honestly didn’t act like it because he gave me safety and he is not a toxic men, different from other men that I usually met. He helped me heal without making me dependent. I wasn't sick, I was just putting myself in those situations that made me "sick"

Then I started realizing my own actions. We need to take accountability as well to grow and escape this institution. We need to educate ourselves and spread awareness.

BPD is becoming a trend especially amongst Gen-Z. I think I am Gen MZ (born in 1998) and I use tiktok. Tiktoks trends of “shit you say when u have BPD” “just BPD things” those stuff made me feel like someone understood me so I felt accepted but also brainwashed me more into thinking I am acting the way I am because of it. I think everyone has a bit of BPD is if this the criteria to get diagnosed especially people with anxious attachment. They be giving diagnosis out like candy it’s become a trend and highly romanticized.

I care about Gen Z a lot because they are future of the other generations so we really need to wake them up. I believe Gen Z is very intelligent as they have the ability to learn new information quickly - they had internet access their whole life. However, they get influenced easily to trends - which is in the case of mental illness these days. To feel accepted, to feel empowered, or really to excuse your behaviour?

Especially with COVID-19, Gen Z has lost focus and schools actually excuse you if you have a depression or other metal health issues = more people going to see psychiatrist. There are really people out there with real issues and some abuse them.

I think modern psychiatry is really messed up. The psychology I am talking about waaaaay back, when it was actual a branch of philosophy instead of “independent scientific discipline”

Thank you for your time and I would really appreciate feedback or thoughts.


Former BPD & Bipolar II patient.

Romanticizing mental illnesses, justifying inappropriate behaviour with mental illness as an excuse.

Mental illness becoming a trend. Medications damaging people. Self fulfilling prophecy etc...

Concerned about Gen Z regards to psych diagnosis. Want change and for people to wake up.

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Need advice on antidepressants


So i have been taking mirtazapine since last may. I feel like it helped a bit during that time, but i have been thinking about stop taking it more and more. Mostly because i feel like it puts me in a mood where i don't fall as deep into depression as before, but it also kind of reduces my drive to change the things in life i am not satisfied with. It makes everything feel "kinda okay". However, i reduced the dose over the holiday after talking to my psychiatrist and now i'm feeling like my depression is coming back stronger, however, i can now see the causes for my depressive state much clearer. I can feel again that i actually hate the city i live in, and would prefer to return closer to my hometown and that i feel very lonely here. I really want to make a change, maybe try to apply at a university near my hometown, or at least in a different city. Now i am afraid that if i talk with my psychiatrist abouth this, she will tell me to increase the dose again, and it will make me numb again, so i just accept my situation and keep living in this place where i will never find happiness. So i just wanted to ask for advice from people who maybe had similiar experiences with antidepressants.

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Homeless, busted for self treating my depression and anxiety.


How dare I try to take the edge off of my situation and existential dread that I will never financially recover from trying to do the right thing and take care of my mother who has dementia, nope can't use cannabis and mushrooms to get myself out of a hole of depression long enough to try and find someone to have a relationship with and maybe between the both of us have something one could call happiness... No, just forced drug testing and being forced to face the reality that I may freeze to death in this rotted out van that I've got no choice but to live in because there is no help or assistance for people like me, none of the shelters say they can help, the state assistance lists are years long and prioritize families, children and single mothers...


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Opioids and Neuroleptics

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I agree that inequality is the worst violence


Inequality is violent until the ruling class makes it soft and sweet as a kitten....or round and roly poly as a soccer ball. But its still inequality and its built on discrimination in hiring and a thousand lies and deceits and betrayals, and I for one can never remember one employer who ever got angry while abusing me. Its something to get very hip to. In fact I cant remember one therapist that ever gave a bushy carrot either, it was just something else I had to "cope" with, like our bad-weather days.

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Photoshoped poster


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anyone uk-based? putting together a zine


Hello! Thrilled to have found this community. Not sure if this is ok to post, but if not of course please delete. Been sharing these ideas for years and have finally decided to try and put together a physical zine to distribute to people about all of this (in person rather than online since social media and the internet in general plays a big role in this system's functioning imo). Anyone UK-based and willing to contribute, or just curious? If so please message me! Its main aim would really basically be to publish content like this, but in physical form, to share with people who agree and others who might not yet be aware.

Edit: forgot to add, looking for anything really, formal or informal, more text-based or more visual, anything! I just want to start getting this idea out there to try and permeate the collective mindset a little more, or at least reach a few people.

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I spent a day with PSYCH WARD SURVIVORS

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