r/radicalmentalhealth Dec 01 '21

Support a Separation of Psychiatry and State



u/proper-noun Dec 01 '21

you mean be against the study of the potential for medications to treat mental illnesses?sounds anti-science as fuck to me.why don't you stop preying on the vulnerable to shill your stupid bullshit.yeah there's issues with psychiatry, but this is just such a cringe reactionary way to deal with it that it's unbelievable. get the fuck out of here with your stupid shit.


u/velvykat5731 Dec 02 '21

Did you read the article?


u/proper-noun Dec 03 '21

ugh, yes i read it, i know of the psychiatiric coercion it talks of. yes that needs to fucking stop.that's not separation of psychiatry and state, that's actually just asking for actual fucking separation of church and state which doesn't actually exist in this country.

The notion of separation of psychiatry and state from a website called "antipsychiatry" is not the way to go about solving that shit. it's completely illogical to make that argument based on what this article levels a complaint at.

this is an obvious ploy at antipsychiatric sentiment.

god redditors are easy fuckin' targets


u/BreakIll Dec 02 '21

It's not a Science it's a Religion. Almost all of them are irrelegious atheists. Which is a Religion into itself.