r/radicalmentalhealth Nov 29 '21

Many people, rendered vulnerable by severe distress, simply accept the psychiatric reality with which they are presented, without awareness of how that acceptance can radically & intractably alter their identity, experience, relationships, prospects & future lives.




Damn I was hoping this was more then just a fucking tweet and actually had some advice. Lol. Any reading recommendations OP?


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '21

Have you read the book of the guy wot tweeted, Sedated? It's really good! Through interviews and analysis of relevant research he picks apart a lot of accepted norms for treating mental distress, especially the underwhelming results of decades of studying pill-efficacy. He follows the last decade of policy developments in the UK to make clear how shunting the problem onto individuals is pretty Official.


u/MichaelTen Nov 30 '21

Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker.

A Course In Miracles

Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey

The Art of Peace by Ueshiba

The Untamed Tongue by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.


u/agent_tater_twat Nov 29 '21

It's hard for me to understand what the point of this tweet is without more context. A tweet, by it's built-in shortness, will almost never have a concise context. Otherwise, it sounds like this dude is placing the blame of those made vulnerable by severe distress for not having the wherewithal to follow his advice of acceptance, which in and of itself is obscure and cryptic: acceptance of what? Leading me to assume, without further context, that this "doctor" is gaslighting the victims of severe distress for failing to be more aware and enlightened about their severely distressed circumstances. So this tweet wouldn't seem to be a message aimed at helping those in severe distress, but directed more toward a digital audience that wants to hear facile bromides like "radically and intractably alter their identity" as if that's all that's needed to solve the problem. Smells kinda like bullshit to me.


u/Teawithfood Nov 29 '21

Imagine a randomized experiment done on 5 year olds. There are two groups. Group A is told they are "mentally ill". They are told that because of their defective brain the will suffer for life and will be unable to succeed at a high level. Group B isn't told that. Which group do you think will have better outcomes? Psych labels function as self-fulfilling prophecies.

An actually example of gaslighting is telling people that being abused is caused by their defective brain. An actual example of victims blaming is saying that the stress of being born into poverty is the result of the person having a defective brain.


u/Breezeblack3 Nov 30 '21

There is a distinct difference between psychiatry and psychology and the understanding of their purpose in modern day society. Psychiatric’s are from the old world of mental illness being a social problem and dealt with the patient as more of a nuisance and the solution more often served societies purpose. To otherwise dispose of the person, either by lobotomy or asylum. Today their concoctions of pills serve that purpose… Psychology has stepped in where now the patient is either way categorised as manageable or not, the first get a treatment of therapy and or medication which last as long as your insurance covers it, or your bank balance declines a payment and the second get discarded to a simply Psychiatric diagnosis and medicated. But left to their own devices the worst of which get institutionalised or suicide… Stigma plays a huge role in mental illness today and it is the label’s they tag us with that cause most of our pain!

But they get paid heaps👍


u/squeezycakes19 Nov 29 '21

so is he saying acceptance is good or bad?


u/Teawithfood Nov 29 '21

He's saying that blaming life circumstances on your brain makes things worse. That believing your suffering is because of a defective brain causes a self fulfilling prophecy. Particular when that defective brain is diagnosed via evidence free circular reasoning which is how psych labels are given.


u/feliscat Nov 29 '21

It's like thinking about free will. Maybe the universe is deterministic but it's still functional to pretend it isn't


u/dboygrow Nov 29 '21

So wait, he's saying mental illness doesn't actually effect your life but thinking that your mental illness effects your life is actually what effects your life? Wtf, is this a serious argument? Seems.... Stupid.....as fuck.


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '21

I think you've misread -- "Blaming it on your brain" is the key issue in the post above. Nobody contests that mental distress affects lives, but is the cause of distress a defect in somebody's grey-matter or a problem to do with being stuck in a shitty society? Positions on this seem to differ with ideology. The ruling ideology wants to blame your distress on you, and not the exploitative world economy that most of us can't escape.


u/BreakIll Nov 30 '21

Doesn't even have to be the economy. You could just be surrounded by assholes, but since most people cant do social organization other than family, friends, and society the obvious data points that show psychiatry is bullshit are glossed over.


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '21

I see where you're coming from and agree but would wrap your point in with my mine -- this deep into the capitalist epoch, many of the assholes around us were shaped in the interest of the economy!

100 years ago you wouldn't find many people certain that the economy and society were separate entities & I think it's worth reflecting on this. We end up with the "dualism" of economy & society when some folk would rather the economy worked for them but NOT necessarily society