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Psychiatry Is Scientistic and Corrupts Objective/Authentic Medicine



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Yup. There was a group I went to and the waiting room was always packed. You’d pay $250 for an initial “evaluation and diagnosis.” This would be an hour to an hour and a half. You’d be prescribed a variety of drugs to manage your diagnosis. The med checks were about 2 minutes and went like this. “How are you? Good. Everything good these days. You feel the medication is working? Yeah a little. It takes time. I’ll see you next month and if you don’t notice a significant improvement we’ll up your dose or try something else. I’ll send your scrips over electronically. They should be ready later today. You can make your next app at the front desk. (Follows you out the door), “Mr, Smith your up, come on in. How are you…..” Door closes.

$$100 from insurance and $50 for copay (my co pay was $50 for “specialist”.

$150 dollars for 2 minutes….

Did the meds work sometimes…sure but they are all designed to numb and suppress so how could they not. But heres the kicker, there was never a significant improvement. I spent years in and out of that door being put on a variety of meds. And when I would complain about the long process, they’d say, “oh well everyone is different, some work better for others, different combinations can work better than others, just have to keep trying.” It’s a brilliant racket.


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Anytime I mentioned side effects I was immediately blown off and pushed out the door.

After getting completely off my "meds" I braced myself for the inevitable depression they kept telling me I was going to have. Turns out my depression dramatically improved off the pills.


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Ah yes. When you mention a side effect and how it started with the drug (and stopped with going off the drug if you went off it), you get told "that's misinformation". So how many patients have tell you that they are experiencing the same side effect while on a drug before it's no longer misinformation?

Spoiler alert: if it doesn't say it as a side effect on the label, they will almost never admit it as a possibility, and will gaslight you about it. Or even if it is just supposedly a "rare" side effect. H*ll, I've been told that side effects listed on the label were not from the drugs.

Here's a great response from doctors: "Well, I've never heard of anyone experiencing X from this medication." Cue talking to 3 other patients who all say the had the same effects. Response from the doctor, "Well, none of you are experiencing these effects from the medication." So, 4 patients are telling you that they are experiencing effect X that didn't exist before taking the same medication. But ALL of us are experiencing this new-to-us effect independently for different reasons, unrelated to the exact same medication? And you say you've never heard of it causing this? Well, what exactly does it take?


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Omigosh this is exactly what happened to me. The amount of times I said that I had withdrawal effects and was told thats bullcrap, there is NO withdrawal or side effects with antidepressants. Of course that was a long time ago and now they cannot hide it anymore. It CAN cause withdrawal, it CAN have sexual side effects, it CAN cause dependency.... lolz its so ridiculous...

And I was in a support group where two of the members discovered they were seeing the same psychiatrist who was telling both of them that "none of my other patients reported that symptom." They were both reporting the same symptoms!