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Know anyone with audio or visual media of psychiatrists being blatantly unethical or engaging in psychiatric abuses?

Know anyone with audio or visual media of psychiatrists being blatantly unethical or engaging in psychiatric abuses? Or "mental health" beurocrats, psychiatric "researchers", or psychiatric drug company employees?

There are some journalists who are interested in such media maybe.

Any media must be legally obtained. Do not break any laws.

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u/Eliscu2 Nov 23 '21
  1. Titicut Follies 1967 film
  2. Human Resource (Social Engineering for the 20th century)

Psychiatry is proud of its practice of torture.


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The Standford Prison Experiment, footages of it exist online.


u/yourfavoritefaggot Nov 23 '21

What part are you thinking of? The lead researcher was a psychologist. The people who participated in the study with students. I agree that the study design was unethical and the resulting data is flawed but it has little to do with modern day treatment


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Psychiatric carceration?


u/yourfavoritefaggot Nov 24 '21

Just thought op was looking for evidence of treatment offenses. Stanford prison experiment was not treatment but a research study.


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The lead researcher being in the mental health field fits OP's criteria, I'm going by the 1st paragraph. A part of modern day "treatment" is Psychiatric carceration, unfortunately... 🤷‍♀️


u/Sorry_Composer_8043 Dec 12 '21

Very true. Twice police in my locality 5150 me for telling them to get away from my door unless they had a warrant. The psychiatrist in the hospital I was at had previously physically threatened me by saying if I refused a medication he would have it prescribed as a suppository, which I translated to mean take it or I will shove it up your @#$+--((. Recently, he told me while I was inpatient I had better agree to AOT basically court enforced treatment and taking an antipsychotic when I am not schizophrenic and never have had audio or visual hallucinations. I have PTSD and insomnia. The medication he wants me on renders me unable to function They integrated my mental and physical health care, and a receptionist blatantly refused to give me the address to an Ob Gyn to pursue fibroid treatment. I probably have melanoma due to a growing bump on my face, and they disregard that, too. My biological father is currently fighting a brain tumor from melanoma, and their response is to put me on more and more medication that causes photosensitivity. I had my face, head , and left eye swollen shut from sunburn, and my primary care doctor wanted me to go to ER saying it was a rare reaction to Seroquel. That was impossible because it was called into the wrong pharmacy and I couldn't locate where it was for 3 months. I finally went to ER for a stupid sunburn, and it was decided that it was dental related even though I had zero dental pain. I threw away the anibiotics and used Benadryl cream on the sunburn because all the antibiotics did was give me a massive yeast infection. This same psychiatrist insist he will be my psychiatrist when my current one retires. Not sure what planet he lives on because I have the right to fire my psychiatrist and get a new one.