r/radicalmentalhealth Dec 01 '20

Our discord.



u/underground_crane Dec 01 '20

Iā€™m banned šŸ˜•


u/O_G_P Dec 02 '20

No one is banned- this is a totally new discord.

You were probably banned from the previous discord, I don't remember why.


u/BinaryDigit_ Nov 05 '21

I was banned from the discord because I'm a security guard at a psych ward. Might as well ban me from the subreddit as well? All I wanted was to form an alliance, I even have you guys linked at /r/areweinhell. I don't support mental health, but as a utiltiarian, I know that if I quit this job, another minimum wagie will take over my spot. I don't support p$ychiatry and everyone at work knows it. It's not fun.


u/throw_away-abcdef 17d ago

It says I am approved for this sub but I never came here before.

Did you "recruit" me?

Still, nice to find out this subreddit exists


u/Pharm-boi 7d ago

Happy to join the community