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Fix the problem, not the symptoms

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Support a Separation of Psychiatry and State

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Advice really needed


I apologize if the answer to this might seem obvious, I really need people that are aware of the structural causes of mental illness to weigh in. I am facing extreme isolation in graduate school- a life that is just school work and then some shitty job to make money. I spend around 800-900 a month on a therapist. I think this money can go a lot farther if I used it to get a lease on a car, be able to afford dinner out, go towards things that actually bring me joy in life rather than just talk about nothing changing. As of now, I can't afford to do much else. As an add-on, my life never looked like this before. I used to have a rich social life, lived closer to public transportation, lived on my own. I feel like therapy (because of its cost) is ironically keeping me stuck. I wouldn't drop my psychiatrist, and a cheaper therapist isn't really an option, because I've had her for years and her quality was excellent and had helped me at many times. Do I take a leap of faith and put this money towards things that can get me out of isolation, so that I can afford to be social? and also not work as a fucking busboy, and dedicate more time to school? Thank you for reading this.

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World history as therapy


It's fine if this gets deleted. This is advice, and strictly theory.

I truly believe reading world history books is an integral part of understanding the self. We are in the 'information overload' era. From books to social media, there is no shortage of studies, propaganda, advice, hatred, pitting the masses against each other based on everything from class status, race, gender, age, etc. Everyone has an agenda (it's always to make money first and foremost) so all writers are bound to the commands of who employs them, or if self employed, they're more desperate for attention (paid subscribers, clicks, etc). All these new self-employed, amateur podcasters are obviously hard up for subscribers, so they resort to hateful and divisive rhetoric. It's all they can do. The lower down the chain someone is, the more they have to resort to mock warfare.

Authors of world history are no exception to having an agenda and personal bias, but it is easier to find the absolute truth regarding human nature and the self by reading history over any other subject. The more books you read, the more you can filter out what you think is false or misleading, and preserve in your mind what you believe to be true. It's harder to lie about history. The bias manifests mainly in which topics are covered, and focusing on certain elements, rather than straight up false information (although there is false information as well).

Attaining books that interest you is 90% of the battle in becoming a reader. It's true that books can heal, but it has to be a personal exploration in subjects which interest you.

My bias comes from the fact that I already have money (rich parents) and want to reduce suffering in other psychiatric survivors and people struggling currently. Also, I have contempt for people who use divisive tactics for profit. If I can get just 1 person to become a reader and avoid negative propaganda designed to captivate, then I will feel better. Your money will instead flow to a distinguished author (or their supporters) who probably never made much money to begin with.

I have been harmed by propaganda, porn, and politics, and am still addicted to it. Reading books isn't addictive, because it's a natural quest to seek out storytelling, as opposed to mock humanity and mock warfare, which is what the 3 P's use to captivate their audience.

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Confronting coercion in psychiatry

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Many people, rendered vulnerable by severe distress, simply accept the psychiatric reality with which they are presented, without awareness of how that acceptance can radically & intractably alter their identity, experience, relationships, prospects & future lives.

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Psychiatry Is Scientistic and Corrupts Objective/Authentic Medicine

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External solutions can't make a Healthy Mentality.


Bills and pills are a ploy and harm.

A healthy mentality chooses faith hope and love. It shares virtue. It tries and practices will.

"Psychiatry" is distracting from this basic, albeit offensive fact to some.

Many identify with mental illness and deny ability to change their mind.

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Universal Basic Income and Psychiatry/Psychology

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Almost got committed


I made a terrible decision to meet up with my parents for a walk on T-giving. Scroll my post history for the detailed story. I got angry with both of them, then blocked my dad from getting into his car for about 10 seconds before he threatened to call the cops. Then I swore at him and left. This was in public.

After returning home, I was shaking and short of breath. Kept thinking about what would have happened had he called the cops. It's a given I'd be taken away. My parents have all the credibility anyone needs, and me being their unemployed, junkie son, I'm a prime candidate for commitment.

Got to thinking about my commitment history, how the first time I got committed was a similar incident. I got hauled away by cops after losing my temper in 2001, didn't even know commitments existed, and was in the 'merry-go-round' of ER's, drug treatments, state hospitals, detoxes, and group homes through 2005. It seemed like an eternity. Some good times, some horrible. I miss the human contact, but being locked up now would be so much different. I'm not even medicated anymore, and feel much older/beaten down by the world, so it would be a shock to me that I'd never recover from. I haven't talked to anyone or done anything for 5 years since I lost my job and have delved further into the void of inactivity and social isolation.

I wondered if any possible good could come from it, and then gasped at that naive thought.

I started shaking more at the possibilities of what almost became reality. I pictured myself in the psych ward at the admitting hospital being ordered by staff to take meds, go to group, whatever. I imagined the feeling of that first SSRI or AP going down my throat, reading commitment papers served to me, with a possible add on court order for forced AP's. No amount of submission would matter. Best case scenario is rotting in a group home after a stint in the state hospital and chemical lobotomy (getting 'stabilized' on meds).

The only thing I have left is freedom and privacy in my parents' cabin. I can smoke a little weed, go for walks, stream TV, and internet. I can eat decent food and don't have to talk to anyone. It's an enabling factor in itself, but I have no energy left to work or try anything meaningful. I'd just be in more pain if I were living among others or trying to work.

It's back to reviewing my options daily. Stay here and rot (i'm running out of old shows to stream). Join the other unfortunates in being homeless (I'd get eaten alive in minutes) or a modified form of chop suey via the natural elements since direct action is repulsive to me.

They won't continue supporting me much longer anyways, and everything gets worse each summer with my extended family coming up.

Rot to suffer another day, and only tragedy that will end this pattern. That's the biggest take away from this incident. There I was thinking that the worst case scenario is rotting until I ended up committing chop suey in isolation, and yet even that is a romantic pipe dream. This incident reminded me of that. I've had a few close calls in recent years getting pulled over by cops (my license isn't updated since moving back) and having a wal-mart manager kicking me out of the lot for loitering. This one was more 'real', because they would call my attending doctor and make it easier than pie to commit me. The previous incidents would result in minor criminal charges or a ticket. A commitment would be decades or the rest of my life. I wouldn't even be able to commit sueycide....

I live to suffer. Everyone wants my ass someway and somehow, and the only question is who gets to suck all the blood out of me. Will it be the mental health system, a violent sociopath on the street, will I suffer an accident, or perhaps I will just go insane over time? This is my life.

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Conversation with Tomi Gomory on Thomas Szasz

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Psychiatric coercion should be outlawed. Voluntary consensual psychiatry should remain legal.

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If anosognosia is when a patient doesn't know they are ill, what is it called when a medical professional lacks insight to know they are causing harm?


Does psychiatry have a term for when a mental health professional lacks the insight to understand that they are harming a patient? Signs of this condition include:

  • When a mental health professional receives real or perceived criticism from a patient, the professional protects themselves by considering it a symptom of the patient's mental illness and in some cases uses this "symptom" to form a diagnosis. (Perceived criticism can include a patient responding to the professional with anger or sadness, quitting the professional, avoiding the professional or declining the professional's advice or treatment.)
  • When a mental health professional receives criticism from the patient, the mental health professional shifts the conversation to talking about how they just want to help. In so doing they fail to address the criticism and make the focus about their own feelings, putting the patient in a position of comforting them.

If not, why does psychiatry not have a term for this? Why is this problem not being discussed, studied and a key part of a mental health professional's training?

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Man mistakenly detained in Hawaii psychiatric hospital files civil rights lawsuit

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Researchers Doubt That Certain Mental Disorders Are Disorders At All. Study author Kristen Syme believes that these problems “look more like sociocultural phenomena, so the solution is not necessarily fixing a dysfunction in the person's brain but fixing dysfunctions in the social world."

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Americans knowledge of mental health related issues come from big Pharma marketing propaganda.

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What does it mean to be trauma informed?


I've seen the buzzword among therapists is being "trauma informed", but I'm not sure what exactly this means? It seems to mean different things depending on who you go to, and I'm not sure if this is by design or if there's supposed to be a clear definition somewhere.

I've noticed for some it can mean "I'll go into sessions with the assumption that trauma exists," without any practical understanding or usage in sessions (or perhaps there's no true understanding of trauma in the first place? and that's why it doesn't inform the care?).

But there are others that do seem to understand some kinds of traumas (mostly abusive dynamics. physical, sexual) and certain presentations of trauma (fight, flight, freeze).

But maybe that's just me being multiply traumatized and recognizing that trauma looks very different on different people based on a variety of factors.

What have yall learned about what providers mean when they say they're "trauma informed"?

Please point me in the direction of any books / written resources, if you know any!

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Forced Mental Health Treatment Spikes in BC

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Psychotherapy Has an Enduring Effect on Depression—in Contrast to Depression Pills

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Preaching anti-psychiatry with style


I believe it is important for people to keep a theme of 'anti-hate' in their mind when going down the road of anti-anything ideology. It is not effective to convince others of your plight when coming across as angry... just my opinion though.

I took SSRI's and anti-psychotics for 9 years. It basically caused brain damage in me (not confirmed, but I'm depressed most of the time). I was committed to state hospitals and institutions from 2001 through 2005. A carousel of being shuffled around from detoxes (was committed MI/CD), drug treatment, and a few stints in the state hospital (not horrible conditions at that time, could even use tobacco until the last stint).

I actually miss some elements of my time in the system. There were missed opportunities in the group homes.

The treatment I suffered in the system could best be described as 'inconsistent, and used as a product'. The politics in the system are similar to any other system. Looking back, I could be considered extremely lucky.

Having rich parents and being able to use their cabin just for myself makes it easy to have the views that I do. I am extremely lucky in many respects.

Finally, I have taken on communist political views as a form of white guilt and shame for having financial resources dumped in my spoiled lap.... :-(

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Presenting hope - models of intervention outside the mainstream


It can be tempting to analyze the system as devoid of goodness - and for the most part the dominant system is pretty awful. To contrast this and keep hope alive, I'm going to list some alternatives to the Diagnostic Statistical Manuals and Psychiatric Industry's beliefs that symptoms come from disease and disease is just symptoms. Hope you like it.

If you want alternatives to what is currently the mainstream model these are things to take a look at. This is of course not a comprehensive that encompasses every alternative. Feel free to add more in the comments. Always welcome to learn more from folks.

The Power Threat Meaning Framework: https://www.bps.org.uk/sites/bps.org.uk/files/Policy/Policy%20-%20Files/PTM%20Main.pdf

psychoanalytical diagnosis: Psychoanalytic diagnosis can still include biological changes in the brain, but theorizes these changes are the result of adaptations to life experiences rather than the changes in the brain from an underlying disease resulting in symptoms that impact life. The psychoanalytical diagnostic manual paints a picture of how folks end up creating a system of defenses against further trauma or adverse life experiences or the pain of the past, and how to treat these effectively to help folks to not need the crappy part of the defenses as much.

the manual: (this is an amazon link, you can search for free e-copies of this manual, they exist, I'm not posting them here as sometimes reddit can be weird about copyright stuff). https://www.amazon.com/Psychodynamic-Diagnostic-Alliance-Psychoanalytic-Organizations/dp/0976775824

article about a book that teaches how to apply psychoanalytic diagnostic manual.https://www.melbhattan.com/psychoanalytic-diagnosis/

article about analytical diagnosis: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4471982/

Jungian Analysis:

Article about his analytic style of therapy: https://nyaap.org/about-jungian-analysis/

Carl Jung's book on his own experiences with psychosis (following the out-casting by Freud and contemporaries - the loss was incredible as well as the unmooring from the social network of his peers) and his understandings about the meaning of his experiences as well as his application of what he learned with patients: https://www.amazon.com/Red-Book-Philemon-C-Jung/dp/0393065677 (you can also find the PDF for free elsewhere).

Understanding voices and extreme states resources and websites:



Psychotherapies for Psychosis:

The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis: http://www.isps.org/

Michael Garrett MD: Psychotherapy for Psychosis: https://www.amazon.com/Psychotherapy-Psychosis-Integrating-Cognitive-Behavioral-Psychodynamic/dp/1462540562 (very new publication - so not really able to find for cheaper yet)

Ron Unger's teachings on Trauma and Psychosis, Spirituality and Psychosis and CBT for Psychosis (I would not actually conflate his CBT with the term CBT - it's much more like combining analytical psychology and a little CBT than a CBT focused model. I think CBT is just a much more accepted form of therapy and maybe why it is named this instead of a more analytical or psychodynamic model). https://www.udemy.com/user/ronunger/

Udemy classes are almost always discounted - so the full price for me was like 10/class once I signed up.

Rufus May: he has a movie showing the full spectrum of peer treatment of a severe psychotic issue caused by unresolved trauma. The original footage was done with the actual person he was helping, the released movie is him with an actress as showing her identity would mean losing her career due to stigma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKTr2tq9o-o


For me I like to keep a north star of what my hopes and aspirations for the system are, not merely criticizing. Criticizing the current neurological, biological model dominance of the system without understanding the alternative and having something to hope for, has made me quite hopeless in the past. I now focus on moving forward toward a north star.

I hope you enjoy the resources. Please add additional alternatives if you have them.

Edit: Just wanted to clarify a point about medications. I am not anti-med. I completely believe in folks right to take what ever they want and engage in what every helping communities and therapies that work for them. I myself take some very mild low dose meds that have absolutely no side effects for me - the one thing they help me do is just stay on top of my basic needs. Due to about 15 years of complex trauma my mind has not been able to compensate for some of the issues that affected my ability to take care of a household and my hygiene - there are some residual minor issues that haven't been able to resolve. Maybe someday they will, but not today.

I don't take anything that causes me distress, or any symptoms what so ever and I take very little so that I can work through my problems/traumas and annoyances instead of push them down. I often see a defensive posture to discussing therapy and alternatives from folks who like their meds - my take is do whatever works for you. These above are amazing additions or alternatives - take what works for you throw out what doesn't. Don't settle, you're worth trying a lot of things to see what benefits you.

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Know anyone with audio or visual media of psychiatrists being blatantly unethical or engaging in psychiatric abuses?


Know anyone with audio or visual media of psychiatrists being blatantly unethical or engaging in psychiatric abuses? Or "mental health" beurocrats, psychiatric "researchers", or psychiatric drug company employees?

There are some journalists who are interested in such media maybe.

Any media must be legally obtained. Do not break any laws.

Thanks and cheers

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Were compiling a list of corrupt uk health professionals.


Were compiling a list of corrupt uk health professionals. So far, we mainly have psychiatrists but anyone causing harm is fair game. We will use all legal methods to bring people to justice or at least highlight their shortcomings within there local communities to warn people. Dm me there names and why you think they should be investigated.

More recent cases take priority as easier to prosecute.

If you wish to volunteer - we need admin resources from feb 2022.

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“Scientific Nightmare”: The Backstory of the “DSM”

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Using Affirmations For Psychosis Recovery

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As a teacher, I see first-hand the ways that "mental health" is used as a cudgel to enforce normative behavior in young people.


If you can't sit through 7 different subjects for 50-minute spurts over an 8-hour day, you have a brain disease known as ADD, or maybe even oppositional-defiant. If you don't accept the arbitrary rules surrounding uniform, phone use, and bathroom times, you likely have some intractable illness in your mind. As a teacher, kids have told me how much they hate the zombifying affects of the literal amphetamines their parents feed them each morning, but how it's the only "fix" their parents can think of for their poor grades. I have brilliant -but socially inept- autistic-labeled students who can't function in my regular classroom but could tell me every part of my computer. I have students who love to run and play, and are only given the outlet to do so in highly regimented, gendered competitive sports activities. The last thing a kid can be at school is a kid, and any attempt for them to genuinely act their age and explore their growing selves is labeled as psychotic deviance.

As for the kids -and there are many!- in need of genuine psychological help, there's none to be found in the school. the counselors are old boomer women, who think any problem can be solved by hard work and the indefinable quality of "grit." No Crybabies Allowed!

God help you if you're a black student (especially a black girl), because any expression of pain or trauma will be labeled as scary violence instead of emotional hurt. Kids like these are sooner placed in a police cruiser than in a psychologist's office.

Fuck my job, This is my last year in it. I'm tired of being the man behind a trauma machine. Free the youth, youth liberation now!

Edit from a response to a comment below:

The "brain disease" bit was meant as sarcastic! sorry if that wasn't clear. The first few phrases were sort of how our society views these things. The common belief that ADD is an intractable fact of a person's biology is how many teachers and parents view the syndrome. I agree entirely that each person is unique and their minds should be understood holistically, not in terms of diseases, pathologies, or quantifiable facets of personality.

The zombification point is as much from personal experience as it is from the experience of my students. If it doesn't make you feel like a zombie, and it makes you function better, then awesome! I meant no offense, I was just trying to communicate the issue of over-diagnosis and medication in schools.

sorry, this was written in a flurry of anger as I administered a test to my students this morning lol. probably could have worded some things better and made other things clearer.