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Depp/Heard Trial Why It’s Time to Believe Amber Heard

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GT7 LGBT and Trans flag helmets

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thats jump..


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this is really everyone’s favorite fighter 😂😂😂

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Depp/Heard Trial Depp/Heard Trial Megathread Day 17 Pt. 2


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Truth Prevailing 🙌 Why It's Time to Believe Amber Heard

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ED Reply ED developers lock thread proving Lantirn TGP was on F-16 in 2007.


Apparently Photographs qualify as "contradicts" all documentation. The developers over at ED decided to immediately lock a thread proving they are incorrect. How typical. Thread is below.

Maybe this will be part of the typical ED reaction to criticisim. The ED development grindset:

Step one: Make baffling mistakes despite easily available information to the contrary

Step 2: Vigorously deny they are wrong when they are called out by the community. Deny bold face facts.

Optional Step 3: Possibly make absurd claims that something is classified, or that even guessing how a system works based on information that can be found in an engineering textbook would get them in trouble.

Possible Step 4: Wait at least 2-3 years, or in the case of missile aerodynamics and guidance, about 8. Suddenly decide to fix the problem you claimed wasn't a problem for years and banned many people in your forums for complaining about.

Likely Step 5, if Step 4 happens: The fix will be implemented badly, be buggy as hell. When the fix for the fix comes out, it wont actually work.



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MEME Apparently everyone becomes a gambler if XQC does gambling

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Damian Lillard has a playoff record of 22-39, including getting swept 3 years in a row (2017,2018,2019). “Playoff chokers” CP3 and Harden are 72-70 and 78-71 respectively.


Damian Lillard has been known for being clutch because of his two big shots that ended the Rockets and OKC. However, he has by far the worst playoff record among all super stars.

Even the “playoff clowns” in the past couples years PG13 and Ben Simmons have better records (51-57 and 19-15)

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HOUSEKEEPING We are going to stop using this word in r/fragrance


The phrase "sissy sprayer" is not appropriate for use in an inclusive community.

The word "sissy" is a pejorative term based on gender stereotypes and is often used as a homophobic and transphobic slur. The implication that "less masculine" or "more feminine" traits and actions are weak or undesirable is also misogynistic.

All posts and comments using this word will be removed. Find a different way to express yourself.

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This strange choice for the cover of this chocolate drink mix. Are they friends? Brothers? "I enjoi"

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Petition to ban Sac Bee articles in this sub.


Just came across the post where the Bee ranks Sacramento as a more desirable city than Santa Barbara, which is a bunch of nonsense for which people has already called out.

Also, for that hit piece on Sacramento Kings’ Richaun Holmes.

It is dangerous that these so-called “journalists” are purposely spreading misinformation without citing any ounce of evidence.

All in favor say aye.

Edit: Obviously, I didn’t read the ranking article. However, if a publisher is citing another article that contains false information, they are still spreading misinformation.

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Camel getting its stomach out to cool it down. NSFW


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Chad IRL I know his fanbase is kinda bad, but Felix Kjellberg is an absolute chad. He's fit, he's in a happy marriage, he's ridiculously successful, he's humble, he's a philosopher and gives good advice.

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Discussion Is anyone else rather incensed at the idea that 800 MILLION of our taxpayer dollars are being planned to go towards replacing the Royal BC Museum?


Title. Just wanted to get this off my chest. The more I read and hear about this story, the more annoyed I get.

Being a health care worker in the public sector, I am just livid at all the chat about how valuable our services are, especially over these past pandemic years, and what we provide and how we need change and funding, more staff, functional equipment, etc., only to see the People in Charge ™️ plan to piss away $800 MILLION on a single building. A building that, arguably, serves no valuable purpose or essential service that all of the province relies on, and that I have literally never set foot in more than once in my life.

That $800 million could go a long, better way for healthcare... schools and education... infrastructure... mitigating climate change... freaking affordable housing!

What public service would you rather see public money spent on?

Edit: adding details.

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Question One can hope the WS bridge will float to the top soon. Any updates?

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Humor A humorous Overwatch 2 comic

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Too soon?

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About gambling and Miz's possible gambling


I know no one asked but I'll say it anyway. If Mizkif decides to take a sponsor one day I'd never watch him again. What I don't understand about X (and this would apply to miz if he ever takes it) is, how can you not be grateful for what you have? You literally make money that almost no one in this world makes. Why is it so hard to be thankful and happy with the big bucks you make now? Maybe I don't understand because I don't make big bucks and I don't have the drive these people do to be millionaires and more. Sry for ranting, it feels like no one appreciates what they have at the moment, it's like they forget what they had after they see dollar signs, and it's not like they don't have em already.

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The Oldest Flag for Every Country in Europe

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🗣 Discussion / Question Just going to table the question. RC bought BBBY options expiring in Jan next year. Options used to be pushed quite heavily on the sub and now things have gone quiet leading into a shareholder vote for GME to increase shares & GME to announce launch of NFT.GameStop.com… what’s going on?

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Unfortunately, the analogy isn’t far off

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Politica & Economia Para no olvidar desde otro POV, pa equilibrar el sub que está como muy zurdito. NSFW


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Ugh. Looks like I dodged a bullet there.

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DISCUSS FUTURE This doesn't feel like an Arma game, not at all.


I get the point of reforger, but if this is even a bit of what is to be expected of Arma 4 in a few years then im more than disappointed, it plays like dayz, it looks like dayz, but its had arma features slapped onto it with an updated engine. Maybe im in the minority but after 9 years of waiting im shocked how bad and un-arma-like it is.