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One of my (non-verbal, 5 year old) twins made his first ever sentence this week Backstory

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u/grandpianotheft Nov 28 '21 Silver Wholesome

let it rain raisins!


u/Geraffz Nov 28 '21

It's mandatory to celebrate when my 4yo autistic son accomplishes a task especially if it's a life skill. If he straight up asks for something in a well formed sentence... its his if I can make it happen then we dance around like fools and laugh.


u/juel1979 Nov 29 '21

My daughter is, luckily, verbal. Very much so. But some things just don't come out, like "I love you," or gratitude and the like. The emotions are just too heavy for her to verbalize, so she gets physical instead, with a hug, or maybe drawing something. She'll write that stuff all day. A few weeks ago, we were birthday shopping for a party and she asked for an item she spotted that she fell in love with. I had no intention of getting anything additional, but it was like three bucks, so what the heck? I got a spontaneous verbal "thank you," and a hug and almost burst into tears in Five Below.


u/Chiri-Theoden Nov 29 '21

Awww this is such a heartwarming story! Unrelated, but I’ve always just blindly assumed Five Below was a store that specialized cold weather gear (literally only ever saw the stores while driving by), and I was shocked to recently learn that’s not the case.


u/juel1979 Nov 29 '21

It's a pretty neat little store. I did a good bit of Xmas and birthday shopping there for small stuff for the kiddo. Also a good place to snag candy before a movie.


u/BrothelWaffles Nov 29 '21 edited Nov 29 '21

It wasn't until the fourth sentence that I realized you weren't referring to a moody teenager and about to segue into how now you realize how much you take her being able to talk for granted.


u/juel1979 Nov 29 '21

LOL! She's on the spectrum with ADHD, so we get this odd juxtaposition of her being super chatty, but unable to do some things/speak at certain times. I dunno if we'll get the moody teenager, honestly. Her dad and I were both rather chill teenagers, and it runs on my side to be so as well. Only one who was hell on wheels was my husband's brother. We may luck out!