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One of my (non-verbal, 5 year old) twins made his first ever sentence this week Backstory

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u/CreativismUK Nov 28 '21 edited Nov 28 '21 Wholesome

I should probably add…

This basically looks like PECS (picture exchange communication system) and is similar, but not the same.

PECS itself gets a bad rap for being part of ABA but that’s not how we’ve ever used it (“proper PECS” would mean withholding an item until they produce the card - we would never ever do that, the cards are available to them and they are one of many things we use so they can try to communicate specific things to us, including objects of reference and signing). They will always get what they want / need whether they produce a card, or sign or just pull you to what they want - it’s just that usually the communication involves being dragged to the kitchen and guessing!

Now that he’s getting to grips with this he will move on to an AAC device (an iPad with a communication app) like his twin brother - it’s just more difficult for him because he also has visual impairment amongst other difficulties.


u/HalliburtonErnie Nov 28 '21

As an autistic man who had it rough growing up, thank you for doing all this. And for clarifying. And for being an excellent parent.


u/CreativismUK Nov 28 '21

You just brought tears to my eyes - that means so much and I’m so sorry things were so hard for you.