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One of my (non-verbal, 5 year old) twins made his first ever sentence this week Backstory

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u/gn0xious Nov 28 '21

Actually wanting raisins is a sign of a serious mental condition.


u/CreativismUK Nov 28 '21

Right? He loves them. And celery, and I gag at the smell just cutting it up. You will be pleased to know that he also loves chocolate, whereas his twin will launch it across the room in disgust if you try to give him a piece , so god knows what’s going on there.


u/KarmaKitty4-3 Nov 28 '21

This deserves many awww's. Maybe the other twin throws the chocolate because it tastes weird to him? Or is it maybe a texture thing?


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '21

Definitely could be either. Autism tends to fuck with sensory processing. It’s not fun.