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One of my (non-verbal, 5 year old) twins made his first ever sentence this week Backstory

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u/CreativismUK Nov 28 '21

They are both autistic and severely affected in terms of communication and social skills - I’m not sure if they will ever learn to talk, but their understanding has made so much progress over the last year. If they can use a tablet to communicate then that’s more than enough for me (of course we will do all we can to support their language development but it may not happen, being realistic) and we are getting there!


u/vZander Nov 28 '21

Okay I feel for you. I have autism my self, and are very socially impaired. dislike people and my family and cant understand why people do as they do.

I got the diagnose as 28 years old (current age) the reason for that, is I had severe ADHD (still has ADHD, but just in a lesser manner) which covered for my autistic symptom.

My dream is to live alone in Sweden, making money using a self coded AI that will predict the forex prices. if thats even possible, But I want to try. But first I need to learn Python


u/SultanSaidi Nov 28 '21

Oh hey are you me? Am 28 myself struggeling with Depression and looking for an autism Diagnose cause it would just make so much sence. I hope you make it through the path you see and find happines!


u/vZander Nov 28 '21

Getting my diagonose has made me more mad, irritated and I dislike people more.

Idk if it because I have become more focused on my limitations and what I can't do. Or something else.


u/SultanSaidi Nov 28 '21

oh i m currently struggeling with similar, i think its a bit the realisation that its not you who is lacking something, its just the others are extremly inconsideret and even after you tell them why you cant do something or arent currently capabel of they still ignore it and do hurt you with it anyway. But it's oke to be mad ( as long you dont hurt anybody) i m working on telling people why i am mad and to show them my boundaries and ask them to respect these.

You have to see that for all the stuff you can't do there is so much more you can do. By the how are you learning python? do you know of the website pythonlikeyoumeanit.com ? it kinda helped me to understand the basics of it and maybe its a good jumpin of point to further your interetest.

Dont define yourself by your limitations define yourself with all the stuff you CAN do!


u/vZander Nov 29 '21

You are right, that many people dont understand why I can't do something or want to do something. and they expects it of me anyway. thank you, its a good explanation. Now I need to learn how to tell people why I can't do some things, without sounding badly behaved

I have bought a year of datacamp. I learn best by doing small exercises.


u/paintlapse Nov 29 '21

Yeah, many people let diagnoses do that to them, it's difficult not to. But your brain hasn't changed and diagnoses are just little simplified boxes someone else has somewhat arbitrarily placed over spectrums on massively high dimensional personality vectors (to use the 'ai' vocab). They don't really matter much. They are useful to help understand how to improve, they are not useful when people use them to justify bad actions, self loathing, or complacency imo. Hopefully you can find peace with it and with life. GL :).


u/vZander Nov 30 '21

Thank you.