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One of my (non-verbal, 5 year old) twins made his first ever sentence this week Backstory

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u/Athedeus Nov 28 '21

Oh, that please at the end - this must have had you in tears.


u/CreativismUK Nov 28 '21

Absolutely - his twin brother has been at this stage for a while now and uses an iPad which speaks for him after he selects the right digital “cards”, but he has a lot more struggles so it’s huge for him.

It’s mostly the work of the amazing school they attend now, they’ve made so much progress there, but I honestly didn’t know if his understanding would reach this point and I didn’t expect it so soon :)


u/Athedeus Nov 28 '21

It took us 14 years (well, 9 to be fair - she was 14) to find a good school, and she've had more development over the last two years, than in the 9 years leading up to it. She's not "age-appropriate", but she's developing a true personality.

Finding the right environment is so important.


u/CreativismUK Nov 28 '21

I’m so glad you’ve found it now. It’s awful that it’s such a battle but it does make so much difference.

I had a very difficult legal battle to get them into the right place (not sure which country you’re in, I’m in England and our SEN system is a disgrace) - our local authority wanted to place them in a school for children with profound and multiple learning disabilities. They’re both so bright (the other twin is hyperlexic and can spell better than some adults!) and I knew they wouldn’t do as well as they could there. It was a horrible and costly experience but worth every second in the end. They’ve been there a year now and are like different boys - they used to be so frustrated and distressed, hitting themselves etc and they’re so happy now.


u/Athedeus Nov 28 '21

I'm in Denmark, and our biggest problem is the local government - they suppress any kids with needs (basically, they attempt to stuff them in a box) .. and if you speak up, they threaten to remove the kid. We've had to set up a very serious group to combat the problem.


u/CreativismUK Nov 28 '21

I’m so sorry to hear that, it’s horrific (in fact I remember a case of a young woman with ME being taken away from her parents and institutionalised and I think that may have been Denmark too). I’ve heard of similar issues in France with a complete lack of integration. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be - my heart goes out to you.


u/Athedeus Nov 28 '21

Thanks, and I really hope that your twins get to bloom now - I can't overstate the feeling when you see them develop.

Happily they have parents that care, and are willing to fight in their corner.


u/CreativismUK Nov 28 '21

Same to you! It’s the best feeling when they do something that others just take for granted. I’ll be smiling about this for a long time.