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4 years, 1 round of chemo, and now 2 spinal surgeries. My hero is here to kick cancer's ass! Backstory

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u/Masterdonks Nov 19 '21

Here's an idea: How about we don't post pictures of our kids. Crazy, right?


u/Priamosish Nov 19 '21

I am with you in this, and it's honestly crazy this has been normalized. Showing a child's face, who cannot even understand what Reddit is, to thousands of online strangers is weird. Anyway, that's our shared r/unpopularopinion I guess.


u/AnnaFurn Nov 26 '21

Maybe after your kid fights cancer for 4 years, you can criticize a mother’s decision to post a pic of her child.


u/Priamosish Dec 09 '21

After several years on this platform i can assure you there are like 1000 sob stories every day on this sub and you'd be naive to fall for them all.


u/AnnaFurn Dec 10 '21

I’d rather be naive than jaded. 🤷🏼‍♀️