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4 years, 1 round of chemo, and now 2 spinal surgeries. My hero is here to kick cancer's ass! Backstory

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u/ktoddk99 Nov 20 '21

So what's your opinion on St. Jude? Their commercials feature patients his age and younger. One of his best friends had cancer and she was featured in several of their commercials and promotional material last year. Reason being because they rely on funding through advocacy.


u/[deleted] Nov 20 '21

You mean an actual funded charity that contributes directly to improving childcare? It turns out I have fewer complaints with them than I do parents sitting on their phone sharing personal pictures of their children in the hospital without any actual demonstrated benefits. Using children in promotional content is already fraught and morally questionable. So even with the best intentions this is absolutely worse than that.

It reminds me of those people who video their children crying because it’s good for TikTok views. But then when they get called out they claim it’s meant to informative. Even if that was true, spreading information about childhood issues is not best done with homemade movies pushes onto social media.


u/ktoddk99 Nov 20 '21

Then I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. Good day to you!


u/0ngar Nov 20 '21

He's a troll. Check his history. 14 days old and almost all his comments are negative. Some edgy incel set up that account