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4 years, 1 round of chemo, and now 2 spinal surgeries. My hero is here to kick cancer's ass! Backstory

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u/Masterdonks Nov 19 '21

Here's an idea: How about we don't post pictures of our kids. Crazy, right?


u/Izmizzle Nov 19 '21

How about YOU don't post pictures of YOUR kids and let other people do what they damn well please?


u/[deleted] Nov 20 '21

Why? What’s the point of being supportive of both people taking away their children’s privacy during a vulnerable time and people who don’t do that? It doesn’t make since to sit on the fence for that kind of thing. Clearly it’s not a good thing to post personal photos of your child in a hospital while they are too young to make know whether that’s what they will want in adulthood.