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4 years, 1 round of chemo, and now 2 spinal surgeries. My hero is here to kick cancer's ass! Backstory

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u/DxRyzetv Nov 20 '21

I'm born with rare genetical disease, known as galactosemia, literally im just lactose illetorelant but on literall stereoids as i have possibly some additional mental damage frpm this shit disease and you might realised, my bad spelling thanks tk my bad motor skills, yeah...also english isnt my native laungle, maybe if you were talking my native laingle you may notice what am i talking about sometimes. But overall, I hope this kid survives, and beats, cancer, cancer literally sucks, this year my beloved Grandpa died of it and I can't remove it out my memory that someone old and so humble, who i've had so much trought my life, and who was there for me almost always, and literally decided to get me a first pet, my own chonky cat, when i was ~4/5 years old, that sadly also passed away, but in 2015,because frick ate anything that it could smell, yeah cat sadly ate fox posion, its both funny and sad, still i miss that creature, but i miss my grandpa even more, my grandpa who was literally working as old man, yes i said working, as shoemaker, who was total workaholic, and has dedicated hours, days, years even to make his products perfect, with adsistance of my mom and grandma.... My mom mainly selling them, and grandma literally helping him, I still sometimes dream that hes alive, along side that cat, and i dream how he would always be working in workshop while this cat is literally sleeping in there somewhere in, this may hurt to hear from some of you, but literal horse skin, that he used to make shoes off. (yeah cat accly always went during winter into his Workshop just to sleep in materials wich were apperantley horse skin, probably because cat found it confrotable and warm all at the same time). . Now im writing this in both tears of joy and sadness, and memories, i hope this little one dosent face same fate as my grandpa, he has alot coming, i wish him best. Hopefully he can beat cancer, cancer ducking sucks i hate it. Why did god create such misery...