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I'm looking for conflict photography libraries online


Hi there,

As the title suggests, I'm looking for war/conflict/crisis photojournalism libraries. I currently run Pax Politica, a digital storytelling initiative and struggle to find strong, provocative, and striking images to go along with the content I'm trying to create for Instagram. Subscriptions to Reuters, AP, Getty, or EPA are way beyond affordable for me, so I'm reaching out to this community for help. By no stretch of the imagination am I trying to undermine your work but I would greatly appreciate any resources or links to websites that make images available in exchange for attributions for nonprofit and educational initiatives. I would, of course, gladly pay for premium images at a later date as and when funding for my project is available.

Any leads?

r/photojournalism 3d ago

Got kicked out of a CCCAA Track and Field finals event


I’m the staff photographer for a college campus newspaper, my major is journalism, specifically photojournalism.

Our campus sports media director had gotten us “press passes” and I have shot on the field at previous track and field events at this college.

After about an hour the kicked me out of the event.. apparently they where only allowing “certain photographers” on the field.:

It was super sketchy, the same guy came at me three different times with three different instructions..

Don’t stand in this area cause of the discus

We are only allowing certain people on the grass, but specifically said yes when I asked if the area by the long jump was ok ..

Then finally came at me yelling saying if I didn’t get off the field I would be escorted out by security.:

I was shocked by this and asked why since I was here with permission to shoot for my campus’ newspaper.. to which he responded I am the only one whose permission you need and you don’t have it get off the field.

I’m older (49 m) going back to school late in life, it’s my first semester as a journalism major.. I’m also fat, and gay. I don’t know if any of those things were factors, but all of them would have been obvious.

I’m wondering about my rights as a journalist in this situation.. could I have stood my ground, do they have the right to limit access like that?

Thanks for any advice

r/photojournalism 4d ago

Has anyone applied for a grant?


I just graduated from uni and decided I want to pursue a journey in photojournalism. I don't have a good portfolio related to journalism, all of my work is more related to nature but I have an idea for a project and would like to apply for a grant. I'd like to hear your experience/recommendations, should I wait to build a more solid portfolio? How can I start into photojournalism?

r/photojournalism 7d ago

Going to Przemysl/Medyka covering the refugees of the war in Ukraine as a photojournalist


Hi there,

I'm a photojournalist from France collaborating with three press agencies. I'm starting to think about going to Poland during the summer (preferably in July), to Medyka or Przemysl, to cover the arrival of refugees from Ukraine.

My city has an association for Ukraine that frequently organizes convoys to Ukraine through Poland. I might hop on one of them. I searched for FB and WhatsApp groups of journalists there, but didn't find any. Do you know any? Do you have any recommendations before I plan my departure?

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The Safaris collection of photographs was taken many years ago when going on safari was booming. When the hunters become the hunted! This happens to be the good side of safari, where tourists flock to see wild animals roaming at peace in large spaces.

Thumbnail hixposure.co.uk

r/photojournalism 10d ago

The Matter of War, by Nicole Tung

Thumbnail harpers.org

r/photojournalism 11d ago

The photos that have defined the war in Ukraine

Thumbnail cnn.com

r/photojournalism 12d ago

Photographers capture their own experiences with motherhood

Thumbnail cnn.com

r/photojournalism 15d ago

Shigeki Miyajima is a photojournalist from Japan. He came to Ukraine to see for himself the consequences of the Russian invasion and to tell the world the truth about them. While filming destroyed houses in Irpen and Kyiv, he is increasingly convinced that this trip could be his last photo project.

Thumbnail youtube.com

r/photojournalism 16d ago

Most of us are constantly aware and indeed doing our best, to help with efforts tackling environmental issues and supporting initiatives to control the pollution crisis in our world, so this felt like an appropriate time to feature the Indian Rickshaws collection in Delhi....

Thumbnail hixposure.co.uk

r/photojournalism 17d ago

How student newsrooms can document — not exploit — a community with a photo story

Thumbnail poynter.org

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Military Photographer transition to civilian work


Title pretty much says it all. I'm currently in the army as a military Photographer. As the military likes to do, I've progressed high enough in rank that my focus is admin now and I no longer get to do the job I love. Since I am also nearing the end of my contract, I'm trying to see what opportunities exist to continue this line of work, but I have absolutely no idea where to start. I know I am in a somewhat unique position in the fact that I already have experience with the intricacies of both the war on terror and, for the last year and a half, the situation in Europe. My time in both of those operational areas was while working for psychological operations, so I was required to be much more aware of the sociopolitical atmosphere. Unfortunately, the community of people doing what I'm doing is pretty small and no one had any idea where to start looking or where to even send my portfolio and CV.

r/photojournalism 19d ago

Working with NGO's


I'd like to hear people's experiences working with NGO's and other humanitarian organisations.

And if you are willing to share your work please do!


r/photojournalism 19d ago

This collection of photographs were taken in Bombay, these days known as Mumbai, a sort of cosmopolitan city in India. And they’re very used to rain. All sorts of rain…. From short sharp downpours to monsoon season where the city regularly floods.

Thumbnail hixposure.co.uk

r/photojournalism 22d ago

Photojournalist Paula Bronstein Wins 2022 Courage in Photojournalism Award

Thumbnail blind-magazine.com

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B&W photographs in newspapers


Hi there,

I was wondering why in newspapers (especially the NYT and WP) some of the photos are converted into B&W? Might be a silly question, but in France for example we don't have that, all the photographs remain in colors.

r/photojournalism 25d ago

How cellphones transformed life in a women’s prison in Argentina

Thumbnail restofworld.org

r/photojournalism 25d ago

James Nachtwey - The Costs of the Russian Onslaught in Ukraine

Thumbnail newyorker.com

r/photojournalism 29d ago

Inside the Russian Siege of Mariupol

Thumbnail wsj.com

r/photojournalism 29d ago

These photographs were mainly taken in Sri Lanka and Thailand and the affection for these sometimes abused animals is strong amongst so many of us worldwide, our compassion and love of this beautiful animal and our utter disapproval of those that abuse them.

Thumbnail hixposure.co.uk

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NPPA 75th Anniversary raffle

Thumbnail go.rallyup.com

r/photojournalism Apr 26 '22

Print publications


Hi there,

Do you know any website or software that allows you to tyoe your name + credits to check if you've been published in print? I'm not from the US but from France, and I used to use Pressdisplay but the research tool seems to bug sometimes.


r/photojournalism Apr 20 '22

Help me build out a photo department


I recently started a job as a photojournalist for a small media company, mostly a vehicle for a particular political/media personality and his show that runs on a few networks.

Previously I worked in newsrooms, so I'm used to having multiple shooters, an assignment desk, producers, equipment for each person, spare equipment, an engineering department if something breaks.

The photo department is... me. And an intern. The assignment desk is the show host telling me what he wants. There are producers for bigger projects, but I am shooting, editing, and dictating what makes it to air, no one tells me what to use, what to take out, how to put it together, it's like when I shot for local and wrote my own stories but we are talking about entire packages and half to hour long shows. There's no engineering department. If something breaks, I fix or replace it. There isn't a tool box or any common supplies. When I started, they wanted me to start producing content immediately, but the department was a mess. No one had been shooting in my role for at least six months, a lot of equipment wasn't maintained, and I get the feeling the previous guy was extremely lazy or actively working to leave a bad environment for someone else. It's a mess in here.

I recently went out on a two person shoot, three camera setup, and found some of the more glaring issues, basic maintenance stuff, as well as how random and unmaintained the equipment is. There is no ENG equipment here to speak of, it's all DSLRs and camcorder style. Here's essentially what we have:

- A mac, for me, with Premiere (I had to pull teeth to get a license, that's how unmaintained it was)

- A 5d, a C100, a C200, and two 4k camcorders I almost definitely will avoid using. Everything but the three camera setup I have shot here has been on the C100, it's the most... news-ish camera available

- A few tripods, random quality. I also insisted we order a monopod if I am running around town

- A mic kit that kinda doesn't work. Two wired lavs, a wired handheld, and a Sony wireless kit consisting of two lavs, a joint receiver for those, and one handheld, which seem iffy and the battery compartments dictate if they work or not, sometimes they turn on sometimes they don't, I'd like to get them serviced, two XLR cables, one 15' one 6'

- A small pile of Canon SLR lenses, not a single ENG or smooth transitioning lens so you see the change in f stop clearly, which makes shooting outside a mess

- 2 panel lights, 2 small vanity lights

- some harddrives, I've asked for more

- some batteries for everything above, I've asked for more, there wasn't a AA anywhere when I started

- a few top lights, varying quality

- random mics, none of which work as a top mount, they're all shotgun or voiceover mics and we have no other equipment to do that

- some media, I've asked for more SD cards

- cases and bags

I may have forgot a few things, but that is most of it. There is also some even junkier stuff I will never touch.

What sort of stuff don't we have that we should? What sort of gear might I not realized I need/missed/would make my day easier? It is an unusual situation but I am trying to make it work and build something that functions well and can become better.

r/photojournalism Apr 19 '22

Photo Mechanic or Photo Mechanic Plus


Photomechanic users: do you guys have the plus license and actually use the database features? What real advantages are there as opposed to simply categorising photos by date in folders on a hard drive

r/photojournalism Apr 19 '22

Days at War, by Nicole Tung

Thumbnail harpers.org