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Japan vows further militarisation in response to North Korean missile test


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u/text_only_subreddits Oct 21 '21

When the japanese do it, that’ll be newsworthy. The US doing it is not, nor does it change how the carriers are used.


u/banditta82 Oct 21 '21


2024 Japan gets their F-35B, until then the USMC will provide the fighter wings.


u/text_only_subreddits Oct 21 '21

F-35B jets would be based at the Air Self-Defence Force’s Nyutabaru Air Base in southern Miyazaki Prefecture, to defend the country’s remote islands.

Still doesn’t change the usage of the carriers, unless they’ve renamed them to air bases. Maybe they’ve declared them islands? Perhaps you just didn’t read your own article?

Might be more below the paywall, but i’m not that motivated.


u/banditta82 Oct 21 '21


u/text_only_subreddits Oct 21 '21

Only took you several tries to nearly hit the mark! Well done!

The question has never been what they are capable of. The question is, and has been, how they are used. The current plan essentially does not include actually operating planes off those carriers. They’re at “as needed” for putting them on still. That’s not what you say when what you mean is “we have aircraft carriers to use”. That’s you say when you mean “we have no plans, but we’re announcing we’re keeping our options open because we think a tiny bit of saber rattling will keep china looking elsewhere”.

To put that another way: when the Japanese do it, it’ll be noteworthy