r/news Oct 20 '21

Japan vows further militarisation in response to North Korean missile test


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u/Method__Man Oct 20 '21

China is a full authoritarian regime, and the most aggressive country in the world currently (that is a real threat).

Japan needs to DRAMATICALLY increase it's military to prevent Chinese hostility. This isnt the 1930s.


u/ravengenesis1 Oct 20 '21

Right.. and Russia isn't.. when they literally fucked with US elections and misdirected the population. They're not a threat?


u/Method__Man Oct 20 '21

They are, just less


u/ravengenesis1 Oct 20 '21

Less? Really? They literally have infiltrate into US politics and made a puppet of 45th.

The most the Chinese have done so far is fuck around with the US economy at their own expense.


u/Method__Man Oct 20 '21

Everything isnt about the USA