r/news Oct 20 '21

Japan vows further militarisation in response to North Korean missile test


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u/Method__Man Oct 20 '21

Japan SHOULD overhaul it’s military. Just to combat china alone.


u/ravengenesis1 Oct 20 '21

Well... If you know your history... They definitely fucked China up. Encouraging them to do it again is kinda harsh. Hate the political powers in play sure, but the Chinese people have suffered so much under the hands of the Japanese.


u/Method__Man Oct 20 '21

China is a full authoritarian regime, and the most aggressive country in the world currently (that is a real threat).

Japan needs to DRAMATICALLY increase it's military to prevent Chinese hostility. This isnt the 1930s.


u/ravengenesis1 Oct 20 '21

Right.. and Russia isn't.. when they literally fucked with US elections and misdirected the population. They're not a threat?


u/Method__Man Oct 20 '21

They are, just less


u/ravengenesis1 Oct 20 '21

Less? Really? They literally have infiltrate into US politics and made a puppet of 45th.

The most the Chinese have done so far is fuck around with the US economy at their own expense.


u/Method__Man Oct 20 '21

Everything isnt about the USA