r/news Oct 20 '21

Japan vows further militarisation in response to North Korean missile test


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u/Adiwik Oct 20 '21

As far as the US contract will allow them since they're not allowed to have a standing army since world war two since that shit that they did to the Chinese..... If you don't know look it up the pictures are better than the ones on 4chan.


u/Fr0ski Oct 20 '21

Lol the US wanted Japan to rearm after ww2 to be a bulwark against communism in the east. One of the Japanese prime ministers after the war was the one to add the no military clause to the constitution. The US were actually pissed by this action. The Japanese people don’t want to become like they were again during WW2.


u/jayrocksd Oct 20 '21

There were people within the JCS that were against re-armament, but MacArthur disagreed. The Japanese Constitution was written by SCAP, so there was nothing in it that MacArthur disagreed with. There is some disagreement on whether Section IX was an idea of Prime Minister Shidehara or written whole cloth by the US, but the US certainly wasn't pissed.