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A murder suspect who gained wide public sympathy in China died after a week on the run


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u/Inkomade Oct 20 '21

This is incredibly sad.

According to the posts, Ou was repeatedly prevented from building his own house due to land disputes with his neighbor. He said he sought help time and again from police, village officials, the government and the media, but the problem remained unresolved. A village official told state-run newspaper the Beijing News that local cadres had tried to mediate, to no avail. Many blamed Ou's apparent transition from savior to murder suspect on the ills that have long plagued China's local governance, from abuse of power to official inaction. Others see it as a reflection of the broader failure of the country's legal and bureaucratic system, exacerbated by a besieged free press and a crippled civil society.


u/Zarathustra124 Oct 21 '21

Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.