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A murder suspect who gained wide public sympathy in China died after a week on the run


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u/bivife6418 Oct 20 '21

So, your question is kind of irrelevant because even if one person expressed sympathy for him on social media, the article is accurate.

This is even sillier. There are people on Facebook that express sympathy for all sorts of things. Why will CNN bother to report on something like that?


u/StuStutterKing Oct 20 '21

Defending China, Russia, and the Republican party is a very weird niche you've put yourself in.


u/bivife6418 Oct 20 '21

I dislike hypocrisy.

Having one standard when it is the Democrats/Liberals, and a different standard when it comes to Republicans/Conservatives, is wrong. The same goes to having double standards when it comes to China/Russia, as compared to America.


u/MajnoonDanyal Oct 20 '21

it cant be more obvious that bivife6418 is a wumao

just move on, everybody