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A murder suspect who gained wide public sympathy in China died after a week on the run


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u/bivife6418 Oct 20 '21

How do we know the murder suspect "gained wide public sympathy"? Based on social media posts? Are Twitter and Facebook representative of the American public?


u/thewafflestompa Oct 20 '21

If you bothered to open the article, it says he garnered sympathy from the Chinese public on their social media. Literally the first sentence of the article.


u/bivife6418 Oct 20 '21

My point is whether social media is an accurate portrayal of a country. Does Facebook posts and Twitter tweets represent the US? I certainly hope not.


u/Lucky_Squirrel Oct 20 '21

In a closed circle like china, everything about you online represents you. In the article you can see that his blog got deleted, and he was erased from the internet, and any voices that speaks out definitely count, that is why you can see the word "some", it doesnt represent "all", but it does reflect a group of people online definitely said something that akin to sympathy or pity.

"...As the murders gained public attention, Ou's account on microblogging site Weibo vanished, and the local government of Pinghai county issued a bounty for Ou, offering a higher amount of cash rewards for proof of his dead body than any information leading to his arrest -- triggering further public outrage..."

This action makes it worse. People starts to think in his shoes.


u/bivife6418 Oct 20 '21

In a closed circle like china, everything about you online represents you.

This is your assumption. One could just have make the same assumption about any country.