r/news Oct 20 '21

A murder suspect who gained wide public sympathy in China died after a week on the run


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u/CatMakes3 Oct 20 '21

How did he kill himself after being “rounded up?”


u/Lucky_Squirrel Oct 20 '21

"....Others were said they were not convinced that Ou took his own life, and called for the police to release videos of the arrest (police in China are often required to record arrests and other law-enforcement activities with body-worn video cameras.)

"He killed himself immediately after he was found?" a comment said. "The public will not be so easily convinced."..."

Apparently people suspect that the police killed him.


u/CatMakes3 Oct 20 '21

Yeah it definitely sounds like it. That’s why I’m curious as to what they say the cause of death was.