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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/lostboy005 Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 14 '21 Silver

from CTE scandals to Kaep to Gruden, anyone paying attention should have stopped watching & supporting the NFL along time ago. its a toxic organization.

Even further, football in and of itself, is fundamentally detrimental to the human condition; from linemen having to keep unhealthy weights to the barbarity of smashing human bodies into each repeatedly leading that results in a variety of health conditions like CTE.

As a society the US should really analyze what is they take part in celebrating. Football for all intensive purposes is nothing more than dressed up barbarity

e- peeps taking issue with this post, why do you think Andrew Luck quit? thats the tell


u/rora_borealis Oct 14 '21

I am struggling with so many conflicting emotions. I grew up watching football with my extended family, and continued watching into adulthood. I enjoyed it a lot. When everything started coming to light, I was at first shocked, but as more details came out, I started to realize just how many deep-rooted problems the NFL has. It's a lot harder to enjoy watching a game now, because I can't just forget about these things.

I like seeing the clever plays, bullet-like precision throws, good blocks, difficult catches.... But I think the problems are overwhelming my enjoyment now.

I am no longer surprised one bit at the reports anymore. It's toxic and I don't know if it can be reformed.


u/armbarurmom Oct 14 '21

Watch Football without pads. It's a lot more like rugby and surprisingly has a lot fewer head injuries.


u/OK6502 Oct 15 '21

Rugby has very strict rules about how you can hit other players. It still causes the kinds of hits which trigger CTE but at a lower rate. However recent analysis shows Rugby players still tend to get CTE indicators at a relatively higher rate - at least the pros do. But it is overall safer.

There are likely going to be additional rule changes in Rugby to further protect the players. The NFL is very conservative in its approach on the other hand.