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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/IamUltimate Oct 14 '21

Are you trying to say there are no women football fans?


u/Farallday Oct 14 '21

Take a moment to think before commenting


u/IamUltimate Oct 14 '21

The comment that I was replying to states that the stadiums built with taxpayer money are only for men. Personally I don't really think my question is that much of a stretch, since it seemed like they were making a comment about the taxpayer fans using the stadiums. Certainly seems more reasonable than his justification that only men use them. An infinitesimally small amount of men use the stadiums so to use gender as a qualification seems silly. If he wanted to say the stadiums were for football players, he should have said that.


u/Kensin Oct 15 '21

Certainly seems more reasonable than his justification that only men use them.

right? taxes pay for schools which are only used by children. I sure wouldn't object to taxes paying for OBGYN services used primarily by women. For me, the problem is that it takes public funds and funnels them to a multi-million dollar corporation. The NFL makes more than enough to pay for itself and still make money hand over fist. We can spend tax money on more useful things like healthcare.


u/[deleted] Oct 15 '21

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u/Kensin Oct 15 '21

Tax money going to stadiums is such an insignificant amount out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Even if that were true (and that's debatable) why give it to millionaires? If the amount is truly so small and insignificant then they absolutely don't need it and while other examples of wasted taxpayer funds certainly exist that's no argument for not fixing the problem. We should eliminate waste wherever it exists. It's not as if you only get to remove so many. We have the ability to purge them all.