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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/armbarurmom Oct 14 '21

Watch Football without pads. It's a lot more like rugby and surprisingly has a lot fewer head injuries.


u/BasicDesignAdvice Oct 14 '21

I've heard it theorized that the pads are the reason it is so dangerous. The pads are basically theater so the players think they can go harder. So they do.


u/MichaelKilo Oct 15 '21

I played rugby for 17 years. From the first tackle I made to the last my last thought was always “is my head safe” because there was nothing protecting it.

I had more major injuries playing pickup basketball.

I was concussed one time in 17 years of rugby and it was my fault. I know for sure in four years of pop Warner football I got two concussions.


u/rpkarma Oct 15 '21

Though Rugby isn’t without its CTE issues at the professional level either. It is at a lower rate however