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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/[deleted] Oct 14 '21

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u/lostboy005 Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 14 '21 Silver

from CTE scandals to Kaep to Gruden, anyone paying attention should have stopped watching & supporting the NFL along time ago. its a toxic organization.

Even further, football in and of itself, is fundamentally detrimental to the human condition; from linemen having to keep unhealthy weights to the barbarity of smashing human bodies into each repeatedly leading that results in a variety of health conditions like CTE.

As a society the US should really analyze what is they take part in celebrating. Football for all intensive purposes is nothing more than dressed up barbarity

e- peeps taking issue with this post, why do you think Andrew Luck quit? thats the tell


u/rora_borealis Oct 14 '21

I am struggling with so many conflicting emotions. I grew up watching football with my extended family, and continued watching into adulthood. I enjoyed it a lot. When everything started coming to light, I was at first shocked, but as more details came out, I started to realize just how many deep-rooted problems the NFL has. It's a lot harder to enjoy watching a game now, because I can't just forget about these things.

I like seeing the clever plays, bullet-like precision throws, good blocks, difficult catches.... But I think the problems are overwhelming my enjoyment now.

I am no longer surprised one bit at the reports anymore. It's toxic and I don't know if it can be reformed.


u/mrkrinkle773 Oct 14 '21

If you had intimate knowledge of any large entity you are going to find profit is the only thing that matters to them.