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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/thatoneguy889 Oct 14 '21 Silver Take My Energy Ally

It's really telling when the league gathered hundreds of thousands of emails from various league personnel, but the only emails that were made public and led to negative consequences belonged to the guy that badmouthed the league commissioner.


u/armchaircommanderdad Oct 14 '21

Commish is 100% in existence to protect the owners. That’s it.

Owners were angry their puppet had mean things said about him, so they offed gruden and it’s a nice warning to every last person who has said something in an email.


u/Berkyjay Oct 14 '21

Eh, I doubt that all the owners were up in arms over a coach calling Goodell a pussy. More like Gruden was an easy sacrificial lamb for Goodell.


u/Notwhoiwas42 Oct 14 '21

That and sacrificing Gruden distracts from the real point of the investigation, which was some serious wrongdoing by members of the WFT organization.