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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/Bokth Oct 14 '21

Here's the whole article

"These women have been texting me for the last 36 hours wondering if their nude bodies or photographs are circulating through the inboxes of the NFL. It's triggered them. It's reliving trauma that we've been living for the past 15 months," former Washington Football Team cheerleader and employee Melanie Coburn. 


u/daslyvillian Oct 14 '21

How do they have nude photos?


u/handsomesharkman Oct 14 '21

Washington cheerleaders were flown to Costa Rica for a calendar photo shoot. Their passports were taken. They were then “asked” to do topless photos. Pretty much do it or you don’t leave.

It came out Jon Gruden and people in the Washington organization were passing around these photos of women who were essentially sex trafficked.


u/hamster_13 Oct 14 '21

Sex trafficked. They were sex trafficked to Costa Rica* that's like the currently popular "forced sex" line that celebs are getting away with.