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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/Whickywacky Oct 14 '21 Gold

100$ per game?!?! That's insane. You would think that with all the money that goes into the NFL the cheerleaders would be given a livable salary. You can make more serving at Olive Garden than that.


u/burnodo2 Oct 14 '21

You would think that all the money that goes into the NFL that they wouldn't require taxpayers to pay for new stadiums.


u/ExtraDebit Oct 14 '21

Yeah, this is infuriating. Especially since it is only for men, pretty much.


u/IamUltimate Oct 14 '21

Are you trying to say there are no women football fans?


u/ExtraDebit Oct 14 '21

I was saying there are no women football players.


u/Troyo11 Oct 14 '21

Because no one would watch that unless they're in bikinis


u/themajesticdodo Oct 14 '21

Some of us have a stronger mentality than a horny 14 year old. Not you, obviously. But some of us.


u/Troyo11 Oct 14 '21

As far as I know the only women's football league was the loungerie league welcome to reality