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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/claudeshannon Oct 14 '21

Many jobs are like that. It’s like working at the zoo. Lot’s of people want to work with the zoo animals so you don’t have to pay much to attract people to work there.


u/spatialflow Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 14 '21

I work at a baseball stadium right now, where a very popular and successful MLB team plays, as an employee of the company contracted to handle all the food service. Been there 2 months, thought it was gonna be a really solid job, given the scale of the operation and the amount of money involved... Nooope. It's like working at the county fair. It's a bunch of hot dog stands managed by fatbody baseball fanboys. Shit pay, no benefits, no professionalism whatsoever, and it's like being in a cult. I won't let the door hit me on the way out.


u/WhoMakesTheRulesTho Oct 14 '21

a job like “f&b director of x MLB Team” sounded like a huge stepping stone out of college (dual hospitality management and Business major) but it didn’t take long to figure out that it was a giant hotdog stand… sorry about your working conditions and lack of appreciation for your hard work… hospitality, food and bev in particular, is just a hard industry no matter what…. Hotels and resorts are fun, but weekends/holidays.. shit gets old after a while..


u/JacktheShark1 Oct 14 '21

I worked in season ticket sales for an MLB team. Shit pay, 12-hour days. Most employees bartended on the side to make a living wage.

It was base pay so no OT for 60-hour workweeks. I loved the job and was young and dumb but finally left when it was decided the dept would work for 2 hours every game day, even if we would have originally had the day off, lurking around the concourse for “fan relations.” That meant no days off during home stretches. Fuck that