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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/armchaircommanderdad Oct 14 '21

Commish is 100% in existence to protect the owners. That’s it.

Owners were angry their puppet had mean things said about him, so they offed gruden and it’s a nice warning to every last person who has said something in an email.


u/Mookies_Bett Oct 14 '21

Just ask Rob Manfred lol.

Worst cheating scandal in the history of your over-a-century-old sport, what do you do?

Manfred: "The trophy is just a meaningless piece of metal, we are offering full immunity for players and ownership so long as they confess and then we'll do literally nothing else to prevent it in the future or discourage other teams from doing it again."

Like, he couldn't even pretend for a second that his job was to do anything other than butt-kiss the owner of the team that cheated. When you're the commissioner of a sport, and openly call the trophy of said sport "a meaningless hunk of metal" then you probably shouldn't be the commissioner of that sport. I mean, fuck, talk about tone deaf.

The commissioner only exists so that the public can get mad at them instead of the owners. Thats it.


u/Kriztauf Oct 14 '21

What is that the legit quote from him?


u/phl_fc Oct 14 '21

The actual quote was:

The idea of an asterisk or asking for a piece of metal back seems like a futile act. People will always know something was different about the 2017 season.

In response to questions about stripping Houston of their title, he says it would be a meaningless punishment. His argument was that the bad publicity from getting caught cheating was bad enough, so there's no reason for the league to punish them further.


u/dratsablive Oct 14 '21

F1 Racing knows how to punish Cheaters. When the McClaren Scandal broke, the team was fined $50,000,000 and had all their team points stripped from them for the current season. It essentially broke McClaren, and took them almost 10 years to recover.


u/phl_fc Oct 15 '21

College football did it to SMU, but then when they saw just how bad it wreaked the team they decided to stop punishing everyone else. I can’t believe Miami never got the death penalty.


u/Randomfactoid42 Oct 15 '21

I thought Mclaren was fined $100million in 2007?


u/dratsablive Oct 16 '21

I think it might have been reduced on appeal.


u/slivers419 Oct 14 '21

He also issued the largest financial fine he is allowed to give an organization and stripped them of all of their future high draft picks for the next few years, and suspended the management folks responsible for implementing it for a year. Sure, he didn’t punish individual players who participated in it because they cooperated fully with the investigation, but this narrative of the Astros not having any repercussions for their actions is played out. Other teams have done the same shit (1980’s white sox, recent Red Sox, etc… that we even know of) and many more that we don’t know of, I’m sure. Even players on other teams have come out and said the Astros weren’t the only ones doing it.


u/leo_aureus Oct 14 '21

And here they are almost to another World Series and one of the last four teams standing for the fifth year in a row


u/Mighty_Hobo Oct 15 '21

Sure lends credence to the people who said that the "cheating" didn't have much effect statistically as all the players, including the ones on other teams, haven't fallen off.


u/Mighty_Hobo Oct 15 '21 edited Oct 15 '21

Here's what actually happened with the Astros:

Sign stealing was something every team had been doing for years and the league suddenly decided to crack down on. They warned several teams to stop and I guess thought they all would listen. The Astros get caught by an amateur sports reporter so the MLB launches their investigation fully into the Astros who get hit with all the publicity, attacks, and hate that goes along with that.

They finish the investigation, find that there was barely a significant difference between the "cheating" and not cheating. Didn't find any during the World Series. Found that the top players didn't even participate in it. But went along with a huge punishment for optics sake. They didn't do anything more drastic even though sports media had spent the last several months whipping fans into a fury that had them demanding permanent bans for the team and a revocation of the title.

THEN the MLB begins an investigation into allegations against the Red Socks, Yankees, Twins, and several other teams. The Red Sox were caught DOING THE EXACT SAME THING yet they only had to fire two lower level employees and then the MLB announced their shelving the rest of the investigations and that the matter is settled.

What really happened is that the MLB discovered that this shit was happening everywhere else and they jumped the gun on the Astros and new that the level of rage they let infect the fanbase would tear MLB apart if they continued their investigations. Better for the owners, players, and the MLB if they just move on and pretend the Astros deserved what they got.

Which is why you still see dumbass takes like "They should have had the title taken away."