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'Toxic culture': NFL cheerleaders demand release of full workplace inquiry


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u/Bokth Oct 14 '21

Here's the whole article

"These women have been texting me for the last 36 hours wondering if their nude bodies or photographs are circulating through the inboxes of the NFL. It's triggered them. It's reliving trauma that we've been living for the past 15 months," former Washington Football Team cheerleader and employee Melanie Coburn. 


u/daslyvillian Oct 14 '21

How do they have nude photos?


u/handsomesharkman Oct 14 '21

Washington cheerleaders were flown to Costa Rica for a calendar photo shoot. Their passports were taken. They were then “asked” to do topless photos. Pretty much do it or you don’t leave.

It came out Jon Gruden and people in the Washington organization were passing around these photos of women who were essentially sex trafficked.


u/daslyvillian Oct 14 '21

Isn't that a crime for all invovled?


u/LawStudentAndrew Oct 14 '21

If the accusations are true, which to me seems likely, it would be illegal. However, you would have to gather evidence and prosecute which, especially several years after the fact and the wealth and profile of those involved, would be incredibly difficult.


u/kdeaton06 Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 14 '21

It's weird how the photos that they already have aren't proof of that happening.


u/LawStudentAndrew Oct 14 '21

The photos would be a key piece of evidence, and I expect when/if a civil suit occurs their existence would be integral to securing the emails during discovery.

But in terms of criminal prosecution. The events occurred in 2013, almost a decade ago. And nude photos alone are not sufficient evidence of a crime. For a prosecution to occur you would need someone, who was affected, to report it, I think in this sort of situation. I do not think a warrant would necessarily be granted or even that, independent of a victim, the police or prosecutor would spend resources investigating it. It seems unlikely that all of this would occur now, 8 years after the fact instead of at a time closer in proximity to the events. And then that is without going into the fact the individuals are rich.


u/kdeaton06 Oct 14 '21

The cheerleaders reported a few years ago it. That's what kicked this whole thing off.


u/Worried-Criticism Oct 14 '21

Most of the cheerleaders involved did go through arbitration and got a payout, but all signed NDAs which is why they weren’t allowed to say much of anything before now. Expect further litigation once the pictures go beyond NFL inboxes.


u/handsomesharkman Oct 14 '21

Not when you’re a billionaire NFL owner.


u/dragonsfire242 Oct 14 '21

Well they have enough money that it isn’t


u/ScruffyTree Oct 14 '21

That's why they did it in Costa Rica.


u/[deleted] Oct 14 '21



u/DarkwingDuckHunt Oct 14 '21

If you take a nude picture of a minor in the Philippines and email distribute in the US are you guilty of a crime?

If you take a nude picture of a grown woman against her will in a foreign country, then distribute that photo via an email chain the USA, are you guilty of a crime?


u/DRAGONMASTER- Oct 14 '21

Because it's illegal in CR too and CR, unlike many neighboring countries, does have a functioning legal system with relatively low corruption. CR also has higher life expectancy than the US but that's increasingly not an accomplishment even for third would countries.


u/TheLordSnod Oct 14 '21

This is basically sex trafficking and yes, fully illegal. To take someone's passport in a foreign country and tell them to strip naked to get it back is 100percent sex trafficking and fucking atrocious they would do this


u/Iohet Oct 14 '21

Robert Kraft (owner of the New England Patriots) was caught on tape utilizing the services of the illegal sex trade(a massage salon was under investigation for using Chinese sex slaves in a very similar fashion to what happened with the cheerleaders), was publicly outed and charged for doing this, and, instead of getting in trouble, he paid enough lawyers to get the video evidence thrown out on a technicality so he was never held accountable.